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Founded by Mallika Singh, who combined her expertise and passion for Music, entertainment and Event Design to birth her entrepreneurial enterprise, Fête Events is an undeniable leader of avant-garde events in Dubai, known for skilfully crafting event masterpieces that change perceptions and create multi-sensory experiences. A Fête Events consists of artistic layers carefully designed and meticulously arranged to stimulate all five senses, unravelling one at a time as the event progresses. They specialise in organizing highly customized events and ask their clients to demand everything they have envisioned for their dream wedding, down to the slightest quirk and oddest eccentricity, delivering results with their practiced panache. From creating a party at a courthouse where the judges serve your drinks to a 12-course molecular gastronomic dinner experience on a runway, they like flipping the script to create lasting impressions. So whether you dream of a futuristic event with servers wearing bionic spines and drinks floating on levitating devices or a custom designed drone that drops your drinks from the sky, they push boundaries to make the unimaginable a reality. At Fête, even the sky isn’t the limit.

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