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About gettingmarriedinitaly®

A luxury wedding planning boutique that believes in curating celebrations that are both stylish and timeless, gettingmarriedinitaly® was established in 1996 by Sandra Santoro, one of the very first professional wedding planners in Italy for destination couples. She brings to the table an experience of over two decades and rich insights having orchestrated over a thousand events for international clients.


Under Sandra’s leadership, the company has been able to successfully manage celebrations not only for discerning couples but also for celebrities. Although Sandra specializes in the Italian market, she is a trusted name in other Mediterranean destinations and is also a preferred partner in local and international collaborations. Currently, she is greatly invested in the Indian weddings and events markets and has been increasingly servicing Indian clients.


She is often invited to conduct master-classes, and also as a jury member at international wedding awards. Besides having been featured in a number of prestigious international publications, she also has several industry awards to her acclaim.


Her specialization may be summed up as having a deep understanding of the exact vision of her clients and making it come to life using her extensive knowledge of the local regions, her exclusive connections to the finest venues and her support team of seasoned wedding coordinators and vendors. More recently, Sandra has also been promoting sustainability through her events and delving into social welfare though charitable weddings.


Hospitality & Guest Management

Décor Design & Execution

Destination Wedding & Venue Management

Wedding Entertainment

Menu Design & Catering Management

Wedding Communication & Collaterals

Vendor Management

Budget & Time Management

Transport & Logistics

Gifting and Wedding Favours

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