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Often known as the New School of Wedding Planning, Baraati Inc. is a team of dedicated, creative and eclectic wedding planners. With a goal to reinvent the art of wedding planning, they infuse their management-based approach with a rare understanding of traditions and finer elements of an Indian wedding. They work closely with each couple and their families to orchestrate a wedding that surpasses their dreams. From coming up with creative and personalized, entertainment and decor concepts to ensuring an amazing on-ground service, they sure do wear the planner's hat well! Dance, music, and drama are all in their DNA! With a knack for perfection and an unmatched passion, they craft weddings that don't just celebrate love but also narrate a unique story. Many stand witnesses to the Baraati tadka that's gifted them a chest of treasured memories! What's more, they also have a planner-on-call service! So you could experience the power of Baraati magic from anywhere, in any timezone for 14 hours a week!

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