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Hops Cork- The Drink Lab


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About Hops Cork- The Drink Lab

Being in the liquor industry for over 30 years, Hops Cork – The Drink Lab is a distinguished chain of liquor stores with 15 boutique outlets expanding in Mumbai. They are not only one of largest modern retailers with a wide range of domestic and international brands but also showcase upto 1000 liquor brands and 500 wine labels covering every region of the world at the best price. The Drink Lab is a beverage catering service established in 2016 – Mumbai, India that is managed by the most professionally trained Mixologists and Bar Chefs who cater to House Parties,events and weddings. They also provide Pop ups, Bar setups. Mobile Bar, Bespoke cocktail menu, Quirky glasswareand specialized alcohol gifting forWedding Favors and giveaways.


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Weddings are all about fun and festivities, and a well-stocked bar raises everyone's spirits! From exotic cocktails to the dramatic decor, professional bar companies serve up a heady mix of services, setups, and skills these days. So get your party started with the best bar professionals in town, and here's how you can suss out the right one for your celebrations.


Depending on your event theme and preference, you can choose to go one of three ways.

  • Classic liquors, with brand options in various types of alcohol such as scotch whiskey, vodka, rum, etc, to emulate a fully functioning bar.
  • Set menu of special cocktails and mocktails that can be setup in an enticing visual display, or served throughout the event.
  • A fun mix of both!


  • Finalize your guest list before moving on to curating food and beverages menus.
  • Make sure you have your wedding themes decided so that conceptualizing a bar set up becomes easy!
  • Determine a budget for your alcohol and bar setup. Once you have a design in mind and you know your budget, browse WeddingSutra.com for vendors and select the one that fits your bill.
  • Check their profiles here
  • Discuss all your requirements in terms of alcohol options, special cocktails, bar design, cost, and transport in details.
  • Book well in advance to avoid any last minute emergencies.
  • Write to us in case of queries and get help from our experts.


  • Figure out if they are known for any signature drinks/ standout setups/ glassware/menu, or other offerings.
  • Discuss and finalize the menu, ensuring a good mix of some classic liquors and speciality cocktails.
  • Request for the drinks menu to be curated as per your event themes and decor; for example, tropical cocktails at your Hawaiian themed beach party.
  • Ask the bar to collaborate with your decorator for the bar setup.
  • Discuss the total cost, including alcohol, glassware, travel, transportation, alongside bartending and serving costs.
  • Check if bartenders have unique skill sets such as bottle juggling acts which will impress your guests.
  • Always check if the bar company and events venues have valid liquor licenses.


1. How much alcohol would I need?

This completely depends on your budget and alcohol menu. However on an average, for 100-150 guests, 2 cases (each containing 12 bottles) of whiskey and 1 case each of vodka, gin & rum is enough for all kinds of cocktails and drinks with mixers.

2. How many bartenders will I need?

A ratio of 40 people to 1 bartender is ideal to avoid long queues of waiting guests.

3. What are the pricing components?

The price will have to factor in costs of alcohol, glassware, bar setup, props and bartenders. The types of liquor, whether local, imported or premium, will also greatly influence your cost.

4. How do I keep a check on the intake of alcohol by guests?

Well trained professional bartenders are trained in alcohol awareness, and crowd control. However, as a host, it is your personal responsibility as well to avoid any alcohol-related nuisance at your event.