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About ROOH Band

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Weddings and the ‘band baaja’ that goes along with it are an inseparable combo! And to make your wedding an even more magical experience, there is ROOH and their lead singer Anupam Mohandas Nair who plays with your heartstrings as they hit all the right notes. Having traveled across the globe to more than 20 countries, this band understands the sheer diversity of Indian weddings and is highly adaptable to any culture.

Due to their musical prowess and thorough understanding of their clients’ needs ROOH has over the years won multiple awards and performed at prestigious events, like, the Dubai Expo 2021 where they performed in various Indian languages. Additionally, their lead singer has also caused a stir with his flawless vocals in Bollywood. Highly talented, energetic, and versatile, with ROOH onstage, your celebrations are bound to be unforgettable!

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Saniya Wahi
Saniya Wahi
23 days ago
Rating :

Music is integral to weddings world over. More so in India with its rich cultural variety and diversity.  In all wedding planning, a lot of attention is given to music. We have the usual DJs but I feel a good Live band can turn the entire mood and flavour of the event around. One such Live Band in Dubai is ROOH. I approached them to perform for the Comic carnival themed Mehndi which was to be held during the day.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear the questions put by ROOH. They wanted to know the couple, the guests, the venue, the ambiance …… Read more »

Jitendra Sawlani
Jitendra Sawlani
3 months ago
Rating :

Anupam bhai of Rooh band is a terrific human being first and then he is a performer for us. He as an artist we have immense respect for his composure and his musical skills. He did the live performance for one of the craziest Wedding themes by the Beach named Comic Carnival. His band , the water drums , the energy, the voice and transforming with all the guests of all age groups putting their best performance in their dancing was a sight to see !!!! The moments , the songs that him and his band created for our family… Read more »

DJs & Entertainers

An Indian wedding invariably involves music, dancing, and spellbinding entertainment. From a pool party, Sufi Night, rocking sangeet to a musical mehndi, everyone needs professional DJs or entertainers like singers to set the right mood and get those feet on the dance floor. So, how do go about selecting the perfect DJ or entertainer for your wedding functions? Check out our handy guide with tips and points to keep in mind.


Although your wedding venues/ planners might suggest DJs and entertainers for your celebrations, you can still opt for vendors that are not on their list.

  • Discuss with your friends and acquaintances about their preferred DJs and entertainers and see which ones match your preferences.
  • Research about DJs and entertainers online and look for their tracks and performances on YouTube.
  • Once you know your needs and have your budget fixed, check for DJs and entertainers on WeddingSutra.com.
  • Write to us in case of queries and get help from our team of experts.


  • Ask them about the different types of music that they play/perform and ensure that you are well in sync with their playlists.
  • Check if they need any extra power supplies or technical assistance.
  • Request them if they want you to share a list of your favorite tracks/songs with them in advance.
  • Ask them if they accept music requests from guests.
  • Check if they aren’t playing for any other wedding/event on the same day and are available throughout the event


1. What functions can I hire a DJ/Entertainer for?

You can get a DJ or an entertainer for every possible function from the engagement to the reception. Although most people choose to book a DJ only for the sangeet and reception, you can choose to have one on any of the days or events, such as a pre-wedding pool bash or an after party, as per your choice.

2. Can I use my phone, or a pre-loaded tracklist and speakers to play the music instead of a DJ?

While playing your own pre-loaded songs on speakers work for occasions like birthday parties or an intimate wedding function hosted at home, we would recommend you to hire a professional DJ or entertainer for your key wedding functions. Although other options might help you save those extra bucks, a professional entertainer will ensure a holistic entertainment package so you can also enjoy the festivities without any stress.

3. Where can I find a list of the best DJs and entertainers in India?

Specifically curated to help you find the best service providers in the country all under one roof, our compilation of WeddingSutra Favorite DJs and entertainers will provide you tried and tested solutions to all your wedding entertainment woes.