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Bridal Mehndi Artists

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Bridal Mehndi Artists

The ‘shringaar’ or beauty adornments of a quintessential Indian bride is not complete without the application of henna or mehendi on her arms and legs. The traditional and enduring appeal of flaunting deep red/orange henna patterns on one’s hands and legs has become a major factor for modern brides, and henna professionals are constantly innovating with colors (yes, white henna was the rage recently!), themes, and motifs.

We, at WeddingSutra, help you select the best bridal mehendi artists according to your preferred style and budget. Classified under the category of WeddingSutra Favorites, our list of handpicked professionals are sure to create henna designs of your dreams on your D-day.


Traditional Indian Bridal Mehendi

Traditional Indian mehendi designs include intricate mesh, leaves, paisley and floral motifs. Usually drawn till the upper arm and knee of the bride, the traditional Indian style of mehendi, in recent times, has also included Arabic and Pakistani patterns and calligraphy when brides desire it.

Minimalist Mehendi

Increasingly chosen by modern Indian brides, minimalist mehendi designs are dainty and don’t cover a lot of skin. The patterns are strategically designed to match with specific jewellery and cuts of wedding ensembles. This style is ideal for brides who want to highlight other aspects of their bridal looks.


  • Research well. Study the different types of mehendi designs and decide which ones appeal to you the most.
  • Set a budget and be prepared to negotiate a little. You can book them to also do mehendi on your guests and bargain for a good package deal.
  • Once you know your needs and budget, check for mehendi artists on WeddingSutra.com and select the ones that fits your requirements.
  • Check their profiles here
  • Book the service well in advance to avoid losing out on your favorite mehendi artists.
  • Write to us in case of queries and get help from our erudite experts.


  • Brief them well about your requirements. Show them references of the designs you want and ask them if they can replicate it.
  • Ask them if the mehendi they use is natural or if they use any artificial dyes to get a darker tint.
  • Enquire about the time they would require for applying the bridal mehendi.
  • Ask about the number of artists or assistants that would accompany them.
  • Brief them about the specific motifs or patterns you want them to include or avoid in the bridal and guests mehendi designs.


1. How much does bridal mehendi cost in India?

While the cost of bridal mehendi in the country differs from one artist to another, the best packages start at INR 2,000 and go up as per your requirements.

2. How can I compare bridal mehendi artists and their work?

You can check the work of various mehendi artists in our WeddingSutra Favorite Bridal Mehendi Artists section. Study the style of each professional, the services they offer, their experience and see whose style suits you the best.

3. Where can I find a list of the best bridal mehendi artists in the country?

Specifically handpicked to help you find the best service providers in the country all under one roof, our compilation of WeddingSutra Favorite Bridal Mehendi Artists will provide solutions for all your wedding mehendi related woes.

4. Where do I look for the latest bridal mehendi trends?

From heavy Rajasthani motifs to minimalist Arabic patterns, bridal mehendi trends keep evolving every season. You can check the WeddingSutra blog to learn more about these dynamic trends.