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Modern brides are a practical lot, and for many of them, investing in super expensive wedding ensembles that won’t be worn again is not a smart decision. That’s why clothing rental platforms have become so popular these days. However, renting bridal outfits still involves a major shift in behaviors and attitudes, and we are sure brides have many questions about how to go about renting gorgeous outfits that look as fresh and flawless as new outfits.

We, at WeddingSutra, help you select the best wedding clothing rental vendors according to your preferred style and budget. Classified under the category of WeddingSutra Favorites, our list of handpicked professionals are sure to help you choose your dream bridal outfit.


  • Research well. Study the work of different designers and decide what appeals to you the most.
  • Once you know your needs and the budget is fixed, check for outfit rental platforms on WeddingSutra.com.
  • Check their profiles here
  • Check the deposit amount of each outfit, rental cost, and additional cost of shipping before placing the order.
  • Study the size chart provided by the platforms properly to get a good fit
  • Enquire with the vendor if you can try the outfit once before ordering it to see how the colours, designs, and embellishments look on you./li>
  • Write to us in case of queries and get help from our erudite experts.


1. How can one compare wedding outfit rental vendors and their work?

You can check the work of various vendors in our WeddingSutra Favorite Clothing Rentals section. Study the products of each vendor, their designs, and policies, and see whose style suits you the best.

2. Where can I find a list of the best wedding outfit rental vendors in the country?

Specifically handpicked to help you find the best service providers in the country in one place, our compilation of WeddingSutra Favorite Outfit Rentals will provide solutions for all your wedding outfit renting woes.

3. How can I ensure that my rented outfit will fit me well?

Most wedding outfit rental platforms ensure that they take your measurements well in advance to provide you with an outfit that fits you perfectly.

4. Can I try the outfit before renting it?

While some platforms have a nominal charge to try the outfit at your residence, other platforms that have a showroom allow you to try the outfits free of cost.

5. Is good hygiene practice maintained while sanitizing the outfits?

All the vendors listed in WeddingSutra Favorites ensure a superior quality check. Every outfit is dry-cleaned and ironed to perfection before being delivered.