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Grooms Wear & Accessories

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Grooms Wear

While brides have traditionallly garnered the most interest for their wedding looks, Indian grooms are not far behind. Today's young men are keeping track of the latest trends in male fashion, and want something different and dashing for their big day. Savvy designers and brands have started catering to grooms (and their groomsmen) who want to up their glam factor, and here is a guide to help them get started.


Wedding Suit

A classic symbol of a gentleman’s grooming, the suit remains a timeless choice. Traditionally worn in black, dark blue or gray, more fashion forward grooms are now exploring other colors and prints.

Sherwani or Achkan

These make for elegant ethnic ensembles, and can be worn with a pair of fitted pyjamas, Western trousers and even dhotis. Accessories like stoles and male jewellery, alongside embellishments like embroidery or rich prints, can all impact the overall look of a groom's ensemble.

Waistcoats and Jackets

Bandi jackets, bandhgalas and other newer styles of jackets make them the perfect pick for grooms who like comfort with glamor for their wedding look. The right jacket can make even a humble kurta-pyjama ensemble look formal, which make them perfect for smaller wedding functions.

Indo Western Silhouettes

With an ever-evolving fashion market, many men are embracing new and unique styles for their wedding. Asymmetrical cuts, quirky patterns, innovative layering, and fusion pieces are gaining popularity with modern Indian grooms.


This traditional draped bottomwear continues to reign strong for Indian grooms who are opting to pair dhotis with new age kurtas for a contemporary touch.

Groom's Accessories

Indian grooms can unleash their inner Maharaja with accessories such as turbans, pocket squares, layered necklaces, brooches, turban ornaments, and more.


  • A well dressed and well matched couple coordinates colours and patterns subtly without overdoing it. If not the same shade, try choosing hues of the same colour family, or pick complementary colours that go well together. The best course of action is to wait for the bride’s outfits to be finalized, before starting your search.
  • Research websites and social media to get style inspirations.
  • Determine the number and types of outfits you will need, and plan your budget accordingly.
  • Once you have a rough idea in mind and you know your budget, browse WeddingSutra.com for vendors and select some that fit your bill.
  • Check their profiles here
  • Shortlist a few and browse their social media pages and websites to get a fair idea of what they offer before setting up an appointment.
  • Write to us in case of queries and get help from our erudite experts.


  • Have detailed discussions with your designer about your vision and expectations. Share visual references for a clearer idea.
  • Select fabrics that are fitting for the occasion and detailing, and also keeping the weather in mind.
  • Discuss all accessories to be bought and their patterns and styles that would complement your outfits,such as shoes, necklace, brooch, turban ornament, and more. If the designer label you have chosen offers such options, ask them to create entire looks to help you assess the results and finalize your picks.
  • Discuss budget, timelines and any possible delays or cancellations.
  • Ensure time for trials and fittings to allow for changes.


1. What is the average price of grooms wear?

The price completely depends upon the designer chosen, work done, fabric, and other factors. On an average, a good sherwani can vary from 10K to 30K INR, while designer options can cost upwards of a lakh.

2. What are the latest trends in grooms wear?

Current trends include monotone three-piece kurta and jacket sets, asymmetrical designs, long bandi jackets, Pathani suits, and many more. Classic styles such as silk sherwanis, dhotis, and suits are always in vogue.

3. Do grooms wear designers also provide groomsmen outfits?

Most designers accept the fact that the largely Western concept of groomsmen is gaining popularity at Indian weddings. Since grooms often want their squad of to flaunt matching designs or color-coordinated outfits, many brands have started providing curated ranges for groomsmen.

4. I don’t know what kind of outfit will suit my body type.

Almost all leading designers and stores have trained style specialists who are skilled at helping customers select outfits based on their body type, color preferences, and designs to ensure that they get exactly what they desire and what will look best on them.