You have to look your best on your wedding day – that is a given. So having the right makeup artist by your side for all functions is crucial, especially in this day and age of high-definition photography where every angle is captured in stunning detail by candid photographers. Our Beauty Editor's tips will help you pick the one whose work you love most and who you will be comfortable with.

1. Plan your looks
Start by reflecting about the different looks you want at your wedding. These days, multiple-function weddings span a minimum of three days and you may want to have different looks for each event, be it a carefree vibe at a beach-side mehndi, ethnic elegance for the ‘pheras’ and a glamorous one for a western-style reception. It is always great to have an idea about your final look or discuss it with your makeup artist. Makeup artist Kumar Iyer elaborates, “Try and visualize different looks on yourself with the help of a beauty expert, or family and friends. Play around with options that suit your personality or trousseau colors and don’t be scared to experiment before your big day. Once you finalize your requirements, you can zero in on makeup artists who can deliver their best so you can look your best. Ask questions if you are confused or discuss the look with them. Always familiarize yourself with your makeup artist’s style of working. This way, you will save yourself from last minute anxiety.”

Find the Perfect Bridal Makeup Artist

2. Do your research
Start your research a few months prior to your wedding. New Delhi-based makeup artist Shruti Sharma advises brides to have a basic idea of their final look to aide better communication between the makeup artist and the bride. “Take your information hunting skills online and save your favorite looks - be it from Instagram page or Facebook albums. It is very useful and gives us a very important visual clue about the look that the bride wants.”

Find the Perfect Bridal Makeup Artist

3. Hold a meet-and-greet session
This step is extremely crucial. After you zero down on a particular makeup artist, it is essential that you get to know them. Hong Kong based makeup artist Natasha Moor states, “It's more than just makeup, it's about the whole experience! The makeup artist is that one person who is going to be with you throughout all functions of your wedding - you need to be comfortable and super excited with your makeup artist to be!” When you meet them tell them about your look in detail, from your ensemble to the jewellery and the exact schedule for the day. If it's a destination wedding, understand all their requirements for travel and stay.

Find the Perfect Bridal Makeup Artist

4. Makeup Trials and Hairstyling
If possible, opt for a trial makeup and hair session. Many top makeup artists don't offer trials (free or paid), but some do, especially salons. Before you meet them, find out about their prices through adequate research (per function - for makeup, hairstyling and draping), so you don't need to bargain later (Yes, most makeup artists hate clients trying to get them to reduce their prices!) Mumbai-based makeup artist Gen Reilly explains, “Avail of the makeup and hairstyling trial opportunity, even if needs to be paid for, as it will definitely make you more comfortable and sure of your decision. Take your shortlisted images and online ideas as a visual cue for them to work their magic. Check out the looks in natural light for outdoor events with a camera. Don't forget - hairstyling completes your bridal look so look for references on how they have styled their clients' tresses.”

Find the Perfect Bridal Makeup Artist

5. Book early and consider recommendations
If you feel you have found the right bridal makeup artist for you – ideally a few months before your wedding – then pay up and book them immediately; also, word-of- mouth recommendations work well sometimes. Recinda Martis, considers this to be very important step. “Personal recommendation is very important as you already have a visual picture of the look and style of the makeup artist through a friend’s/relative recommendation,” she advises.

Find the Perfect Bridal Makeup Artist

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