If you’ve been a part of a theatre performance, you know the importance of a dress rehearsal. A makeup and hair trial is no different for a bride. After all, if there is one day in her life when she wants to look nothing less than perfect, it is the day of her wedding! And to ensure that everything looks flawless on the big day, a test run to see what works and what doesn’t is advisable.

A makeup and hair trial session usually lasts for about 90 minutes and is the ideal opportunity for a bride to discuss her style, inspirations, and ideas with the bridal makeover team. Plus, it allows her to build a rapport with the makeup and hair experts so that she can be at ease with them during the wedding.

We asked a few makeup and hair experts about what brides should keep in mind before booking a makeup and hair trial session. Check out their tips and advice below:

Sejal Sachnakul
Sejal emphasizes the importance of a strong connection between the bride and her makeup team. She shares, “A bride can go in for a trial anywhere between three to six months before her wedding. That leaves enough room for back and forth collaboration while finalizing the looks. Moreover, repeated interactions help in building a comfort level between the bride and the makeup artist which assists in keeping tensions at bay on the final day."

Hair and Makeup Trials

Supriti Batra
Highlighting the role of the outfits and jewellery in a makeup trial. Supriti says, “It is ideal to have outfits and jewellery for various functions finalized before a bride starts her hair and makeup trials. The final look always takes into account the colors of the various attires and the overall vibe that the clothes and accessories exude. Having this in place makes the process of visualizing bridal looks more accurate.”

Hair and Makeup Trials

Poonam Lalwani
For brides who find themselves behind the deadline, makeup artist Poonam advises, "A bride can even go for a makeup and hair trial about three weeks before her ceremony as long as she has seen the prior work of the beauty team she picks and is confident about them." However, she does mention a prerequisite. “When deadlines are short, it becomes important to make sure that the ensembles and jewellery are fixed because a bride may not have a lot of time on her hands to go back and forth with the beauty team to adjust and finalize her looks."

Hair and Makeup Trials

Aditi Mehra
Aditi sheds light on the reason why having time in hand is a wise strategy for savvy brides. “Having a makeup and hair trial with time on your hands is essential so that brides can try another makeup artist or hair stylist in case they don’t like the first one’s work. Having a gap of two to three months gives brides enough time to look for someone new and book an appointment with them.” She has another tip for brides, "Before brides commence a makeup and hair trial, they should make sure they have created a rough image of what they want and have a few visual references on hand. Instagram and Pinterest are great platforms to find inspiration for wedding looks.”

Hair and Makeup Trials

Neha Shah
Neha shares how brides can avoid tress stress before their wedding. "There are a few things brides need to do before they book hair and makeup trials. A bride can book a hairstyling appointment a few months in advance only if she does not plan to cut or dye her hair. It’s most important that she gives herself and the stylist time to make adjustments if needed."

Hair and Makeup Trials

Vrinda Makhija
Vrinda, who advocates booking sessions earlier too, adds, "I ideally prefer to do the makeup trial once the outfits and jewellery are finalized so that the bride can see for herself rather than imagine what her looks will turn out to be. It’s best to do the makeup and hair trial session at least a month before the wedding since there will be many things to organize before the big day which will keep a bride very busy."

Hair and Makeup Trials

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