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About Makeovers by Sejal

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A cross continental makeup establishment taking the world by storm, Makeovers by Sejal is a brainchild of a well-rounded and experienced makeup artist Sejal Sachanakul who was born and raised in Bangkok. They have an expertise in crafting flawless looks for the modern bride, using only the highest quality products starting from prepping to finishing your customized look for a flawless face. Whether your makeup needs involve bridal, photoshoot or a reception party, they ensure the bride looks glam and gorgeous on her big day. With that said, they believe in personalizing the experience of every client beyond their makeup needs, because with them what you’re getting is a support community with counseling on your grooming, outfit, and photos. Their sole aim is to make the bride look alluring as they believe that every woman is special and so is her wedding look for her big day! They have also extensively traveled for weddings in destinations like Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and all over India.


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Chandani Phulwani
Chandani Phulwani
3 years ago

Sejal and her assistant did the hair and make-up for me and my mom for all the events at my wedding. She was an absolute delight to work with as not only is she extremely talented but she is an absolute pleasure to have around during such a stressful time! She and her assistant worked seamlessly and managed to get us both ready in time for each of the events. I was so pleased with Sejal’s calm and pleasing approach – for a person like me who doesn’t wear any make-up at all, somebody guiding me and making me feel… Read more »

3 years ago

Sejal did my makeup and directed my hair for my wedding in Hua Hin, and she was amazing! I don’t know anything about makeup, and she immediately put me at ease. She was attentive to what I wanted while also providing her expert opinion on what to wear with the different outfits I had planned. She even took into consideration that I’m a petite bride, so made sure that my hairstyles wouldn’t make me look shorter than I am. She was familiar with the photography team that we had hired, and helped them set up some amazing pics and video… Read more »


How a bride looks at her wedding is as important as what she wears. That is why picking the right bridal makeup artist is so important. The right ones understand your requirements and are adept at customizing diverse looks deftly to match your outfits, flatter your best facial features and suit the theme of the functions.

We can help you select the best bridal makeup artists according to your preferences and budget. Classified under the category of WeddingSutra Favorites, our list of handpicked professionals will give you the looks of your dreams and transform you into a gorgeous bride on your D-day.


HD Makeup

Widely used on the visages of TV and film actors, HD or High Definition makeup is a technique which has become very popular with brides as it hides spots, lines, and creases on the face with precision and is extremely long-lasting. Having a more sheer and natural appeal, HD makeup ensures that your face looks young, radiant and flawless for hours, especially in front of a HD camera lens.

Airbrush Makeup

The airbrush makeup technique is practised using an airbrush gun that sprays liquid makeup on the face of the bride instead of the usual application done with brushes and sponge. It gives a smooth and flawless finish, but does tend to look a little heavy in humid weather. However, it perfectly covers any blemishes and spots on dry skin without looking cakey.

Regular Traditional Makeup

The conventional technique of applying the base and other beauty products with blending brushes and sponges sometimes ends up in makeup looking cakey, which then looks unnatural on HD images. Highly used before the advent of HD or airbrush makeup, this conventional technique is slowly losing its appeal among beauty savvy brides.


  • Research well. Study the different types of makeup looks and ascertain what suits your skin type and the weather at your wedding venue the best.
  • Finalise the budget you would want to spend on your wedding makeup.
  • Once you know your requirements and the budget, check for makeup artists on WeddingSutra.com and shortlist two or three names that suit your needs.
  • Check their profiles here (https://www.weddingsutra.com/wedding-vendors/all-location/bridal-makeup-hair/223)
  • Book the services well in advance to avoid losing out on your favorite makeup artists.
  • Write to us in case of queries and get help from our erudite experts.


  • Brief them well about your requirements. Show them references of the looks you aim to achieve, and request them to help you with two or three trials before the D-day. Click here to know more about everything to consider before scheduling a makeup trial.
  • Ask them about their recommendations for your skin type, outfits and looks you want to achieve.
  • Mention the number of ceremonies you will be having and the days on which you will require them.
  • Enquire about the products they will be using to ensure quality.
  • Discuss the final cost you'll be paying including all the taxes and overhead charges (like transportation).
  • Do not forget to enquire about the complimentary services that they will be offering.


1. How much does bridal makeup cost in India?

While the cost of bridal makeup in the country differs from one expert to another, the best packages start at INR 10,000 and go up as per your requirements. The prices of makeup artists also differ depending on the products they use and the type of makeup being done – HD, Airbrush or Traditional.

2. How to compare bridal makeup artists and their work?

You can check the work of various makeup artists in our WeddingSutra Favorite Bridal Makeup Artists section. Study the style of each professional, browse the services they offer, suss out their experience and see which one matches your budget and requirements.

3. Where can I find a list of the best bridal makeup artists in the country?

Specifically chosen to help you find the best service providers in the country at one click, our compilation of WeddingSutra Favorite Bridal Makeup Artists will provide recommendations for all your wedding makeup needs.

4. Where do I look for the latest bridal makeup trends?

From sensuous reds to subtle corals, bridal beauty trends keep evolving every season. You can check the WeddingSutra blog to learn more about these dynamic trends.

5. When should I schedule a makeup trial?

Your bridal makeup trial should ideally be scheduled couple of months before your wedding date so that you have ample time to suggest changes, try new looks if required, work on skin correction and follow a healthy hair and skin regime.