Home to some of the best night clubs and private villas, Goa has always been a popular destination for bachelorette trips. Kriti Sharma, along with her seven friends, headed to the sunny state after dropping Thailand from their list. The bride squad’s relived their college days, as they partied all night long to bid farewell to Kriti’s single status.

Kriti Sharma, Goa

Kriti shared, “I always wanted to go on a bachelorette before my wedding. Thailand and Goa were my top favorites. As all my friends were busy with their work, I dropped our international trip and picked Goa. We were eight of us, and we booked an exquisite Airbnb villa with a private pool and jacuzzi in North Goa. We played fun games in the pool and jacuzzi including truth and dare, and all the girls had prepared a list of questions to ask me about my main man."

Kriti Sharma, Goa

“The bachelorette bash was full of music, dance, naughty dares and cute surprises. We reached Goa in the morning and headed straight to a beach in the afternoon. On the first night, we had a pyjama party in the villa where we wore matching cream night suits, and I picked a pink one with a bride-to-be sash. We dressed up together and did each other’s makeup, recreating our nostalgic college days. I gifted my gal-pals shot glasses as a token of love, embellished with the symbol of an anchor as I am getting hitched to a mariner, and we poured the last drink of the night in them. Next morning, the girls surprised me by decorating the entire villa. Then we headed to the beach and treated ourselves to a massage and later, we headed to a famous club for a night of partying. Our last day was full of deep talks and bonding moments."

Kriti Sharma, Goa
Kriti Sharma, Goa

Kriti Sharma, Goa

Kriti Sharma, Goa

Kriti Sharma, Goa

“My squad made my bachelorette special by spending these three days with me which I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. At the end of each day, we used to have a gossip session where one of us would prepare a delicious plate of Maggi at midnight. My bachelorette was a combination of a house party, clubbing and just simply relaxing by the beach. It was a whirlwind of a weekend but worth every sleepless night.”

Kriti Sharma, Goa

Venue: Airbnb Villa, Goa

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