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Jitsun and Abhishek, Lahaul & Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Shot in the beautiful Lahaul and Spiti Valley, this evocative wedding video by Cinewire celebrates Jitsun and Abhishek’s romance and showcases their rich matrimonial traditions

High on authentic emotions and stunning visuals, Jitsun and Abhishek’s wedding video is a visual treat that captures the graceful rhythms of their relationship and wedding celebrations in a compelling manner.

The opening frames of Jitsun and Abhishek’s wedding video by Cinewire depict prayer flags fluttering in the breeze, and soon viewers are treated to the lush, beautiful landscapes of the Lahaul and Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh with its bubbling streams, grassy pathways and green mountains. With a romantic Hindi track as the background score, bride Jitsun and groom Abhishek are seen walking together on a path and this sets the mood for this evocatively moving wedding video, which showcases the rich hillside culture in rituals, community bonhomie, wedding fashions and charming ‘small town’ ambience.

The romance between Abhishek and Jitsun is retraced with interviews with both of them interspersed with footage of the ceremonies. Abhishek shares that he developed a crush on Jitsun after seeing her at a friend’s wedding. She moved to Mumbai, and he was ecstatic when she sent him a ‘friend’ request on Facebook. We see Jitsun dressed in a traditional bridal dress with striking accessories, and Abhishek wearing a regional wedding attire with a colorful hat. We get a window into their lovely and interesting cultural traditions through interesting footage of their wedding celebrations.

The wedding film has certain emotional highpoints such as the time when Jitsun gets teary recalling how Abhishek filled the void that was there in their small family of three, which comprised her mother and sister. There are charming moments when her mother recalls Jitsun’s tomboyish childhood, or Abhishek talks about her quirks.

The Cinewire team has managed to capture and stitch together a montage of memories that are high on authenticity, subtlety and deep sentiments. There is an inherent ambience of gentle, graceful rhythms to the storytelling aspect of this wedding video, which has much to do with the personalities of the bride and groom themselves, and make for repeated viewings.

Videography- Cinewire

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