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Natasha and Kunal, Seychelles

From a disastrous first meeting, followed by the soulful friendship which slowly blossomed into love, their journey took a turn to eternity amongst the stunning vistas of Seychelles!

Natasha and Kunal hosted their serene nuptials at a destination which now tops the bucket list of many, Seychelles! And unfolding the bounty of Mother Nature, the beauty of this tropical paradise sure did form the perfect background for their awe-inspiring story. Captured by The Wedding Story, their wedding film will tug on your heartstrings.

With visuals of the scenic heaven, the film opens with breathtaking vistas of the beautiful islands as the couple narrates their beautiful tale and we get a front-row view to the couple’s joyous revelries. From remarkable captures of the wedding to their endless walks on the beach right after, each frame highlights the bond between the two. Series of toasts, cheers, and laughter follow as the couple’s friends convey their blessings with amusing messages! We also experience a fun night under the stars, filled with heartwarming performances from family and friends and a whole lot of dancing.

Coupled with the celebration of their love, the beauty of the destination just spells an unmatched experience. Natasha and Kunal sure did choose a wonderland for their fairytale wedding!

Video Courtesy: The Wedding Story

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