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Changing Your Wedding Date Due To Unforeseen Circumstances? Here’s How To Inform Your Guests

Whether it is due to Covid-19 or other unavoidable circumstances, here’s how to keep your guests updated and looking forward to the new date.

Change is constant. Sometimes life throws an unfortunate curveball in our paths that completely displaces our plans of exciting events that we have been planning and looking forward thus shaking the ground beneath us.

Who in their wildest dreams thinks of unpredictable and unimaginable circumstances that can debilitate one’s wedding plans? Also, not to mention the weddings that have been unfortunately hit by a global pandemic like COVID-19.
In some cases it’s a family emergency that needs immediate attention or a wedding venue getting shut amongst other unavoidable situations.

If your wedding needs to be and has to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond your control, WeddingSutra Favorites tell you how to break the news to your loved ones and ask them to join you—just on a different date!

1. Radhika Pitti Studio

Radhika Pitti of Radhika Pitti Studio shares, “When you do share the new date or inform about the change in plans, feel free to keep the reasoning brief and personalized. Let your guests know about the cause of the change and add a line to inform them that the party is still on, and it wouldn’t be the same without them.”

Radhika Pitti Studio

3. Plantables

Garima Capoor and Sumat Nanda of Plantables share, “Rescheduling a wedding is not an easy thing to do and can take time. However, it is important to inform your guests about the change as soon as possible, even if you haven’t decided upon a new date or plan yet. Short and sweet postponement messages personalized in a fun, quirky language are a great way to not just keep your guests informed but also pep them up for a future celebration.


4. Pink Whistle Man

Ranjani Iyengar of Pink Whistle Man shares, “It’s best to send out any date or venue change intimations as soon as the decision is made, especially to the people who are planning their travel, and definitely in case of destination weddings. Sometimes instead of postponing the date, couples choose to shift the venue to somewhere more convenient, and it is best to let your guests know with a personalized message to keep them in the loop.”

Pink Whistle Man

5. Pragmatic Art

Prashant Golani and Maxima Basu of Pragmatic Art share, “Your loved ones look forward to your wedding day with just as much excitement as you. Sending them change-the-date cards with a simple but quirky design and a humorous feel will not just cushion the disappointment, but also put a smile on their face and build excitement for a future celebration”.

Dhruvi Doshi Designs

6. Puneet Gupta Invitations

Puneet Gupta of Puneet Gupta Invitations shares, “It’s important to tell your guests about the difficult decision of changing the wedding date as soon as you know of it. Whether it’s weeks or months before your big day, the more notice you give to your guests, the more likely you’ll relieve them from travel stress, at the same time ensuring they’ll be able to make arrangements for the new date. Emailing guests as soon as you know with a change-the-date invitation talking about the heartbreaking decision, but not nearly as heartbreaking as the idea of putting your loved ones at risk, is the most responsible thing to do at such short notice.”

Puneet Gupta Invitations

7. Turmeric Ink

Sonal Aggarwal of Turmeric Ink shares, ”Covid-19 outbreak has taken quite a hit on the wedding market and created a lot of uncertainty not only for the industry people but also for the couples planning to get married. Many couples have had to swap out their elaborate plans in favor of a home wedding with just immediate family. While in times like this, your guests understand the situation, sending a personalized message to inform them of your happy news is a thoughtful gesture. You can also take the chance to invite them for a bigger celebration at a better time!”

Turmeric Ink

8. Posh Invites

Gauri Agarwal of Posh Invites shares, “Covid-19 has undeniably put a kink in the wedding plans of countless couples, due to reasons that have varied from situational issues to the more dire medical emergencies. Couples and their families have had to face anything from financial loss to sickness and more, and while it isn’t necessary for you to divulge the exact reason, you do need to inform your guests ASAP of any change in plans. Simple and elegant change-the-date of change-of-plans cards are great to pass on the info as well as a positive hope for a future celebration”.

Posh Invites

9. Dhruvi Doshi Designs

Dhruvi Doshi Chitalia of Dhruvi Doshi Designs shares, “Change-the-date invites need not be as detailed as the original invites, but they need to be prompt. Short and simple messages informing your guests of the reason and the new date should suffice, with an additional line that says “More details to follow”.

Dhruvi Doshi Designs

10. Izhaar by Core Designs

Anupam Bansal of Izhaar by Core Designs shares, “After every halt, there is something bigger and better coming up. We are changing the wedding dates and pushing them a bit ahead with our creatives because we want to give the wedding party an experience that should linger in their memories. To make your wedding even more memorable and grand, we send out the change in date cards for the guests to mark their calendars with new wedding dates informing them that the change of plan has come up after careful consideration about their safety.”

Izhaar by Core Designs

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