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Simran and Bhuvan, Thailand

The first Indian wedding to be held in Chiang Rai saw some unforgettable moments.

A wedding is the beginning of a great new adventure, and what better way to mark the same, than with a spectacular celebration in the exotic destination of Thailand? This was the first ever Indian wedding hosted in Chiang Rai – the northernmost province of Thailand, known for its pleasant atmosphere and surrounded by mountains. Planned by WeddingSutra Favorite – Krish Events, Simran and Bhuvan’s vibrant wedding festivities were a confluence of soulful rituals, stunning Thai influences and awe-inspiring decor. The revelries were captured in all their glory by WeddingSutra Favorite – Anoop.Photography, glimpses of which are shared below.

Simran and BhuvanWelcome the #Gandhi2theKaur Wedding extravaganza!

Simran and BhuvanHosted at a plush resort in Chiang Rai, the guests arrived to a warm Thai welcome.

Simran and BhuvanDressed in Chut Thai, traditional Thai attire, beautiful dancers greeted the guests.

Simran and BhuvanThe festivities kicked off with a ‘Picnic under the stars’ themed welcome party.

Simran and BhuvanDaredevil fire dancers put up an arresting performance.

Simran and BhuvanNow that’s what you call a grand entrance!

Simran and BhuvanYou have NOT really partied until you have shaken a leg aboard a Thai boat!

Simran and BhuvanFramed against the sparks of their love (literally!)

Simran and BhuvanThe mehndi was a sunny al-fresco affair.

Simran and BhuvanDid someone say sun? Be sure to chic-it-up with some hats or hand-painted fans!

Simran and BhuvanFun games like giant jenga added excitement to the event!

Simran and BhuvanWhile the smooth lilting tones of the Saxophone set a mellow mood.

Simran and BhuvanNachde ne saare!

Simran and BhuvanInspired by the Sakura Season, Cherry blossoms and dainty Japanese parasols conjured up a magical vision at the Sangeet.

Simran and BhuvanAll geared up to slay

Simran and BhuvanA moment of romance worthy of a Karan Johar film!

Simran and BhuvanThe next day began with Haldi and Choodas.

Simran and BhuvanThe big day finally arrives.

Simran and BhuvanSome moments of joy with some introspective musings

Simran and BhuvanHow gorgeous is that floral canopy decked with soft clouds of baby’s breath?

Simran and BhuvanThe dashing groom in the house!

Simran and BhuvanA sweet tradition of the bride’s mother pulling the groom’s nose as he enters.

Simran and BhuvanThe groom awaits his bride with baited breath as he stands at the altar with his sister and the bride’s mother.

Simran and BhuvanFlanked by the men of her family, her heroes, the bride arrives under a gorgeous phoolon ki chadar.

Simran and Bhuvan“Here we meet, all ready to begin our journey together”

Simran and BhuvanThe couple exchange varmalas.

Simran and BhuvanEmotional tears flow as she acknowledges the big welcome change, a tender goodbye to her childhood home and the journey ahead into her new life of wedded bliss.

Simran and Bhuvan“In step with you, through thick and thin, forever and always”.

Simran and BhuvanNow that’s a flawless click!

Simran and BhuvanFlowers and bubbles welcome them to the reception celebration.

Simran and BhuvanA night of dancing and revelry…

Simran and BhuvanA night of toasts and speeches…

Simran and BhuvanEver mine, ever thine, ever ours!

The Wedding Makers
Venue: Le Méridien Chiang Rai Resort, Thailand
Wedding Planner: Krish Events
Decor: Élan Events by Nipunika
Makeup: Makeovers by Sejal⁣⁣
Photography and Videography: Anoop.Photography

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