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Binal and Suchit, New Zealand and Bora Bora

From cozy Airbnbs to hot springs, this couple planned the perfect 22-day honeymoon in New Zealand & Bora Bora.

Binal and Suchit met in an arranged marriage setup but fell in love as they got to know each other. With pre-wedding celebrations in Goa and a beautiful wedding in Mumbai, this couple dove straight into adventure with a long honeymoon in New Zealand, that included a delightful detour to the famed Bora Bora islands.

Binal and Suchit
Binal and Suchit

How They Met
“Our journey started two years ago when I first saw Suchit at a common friend’s wedding where he kept stealing looks at me. At first, I ignored him, but after a while, even I couldn’t stop myself from looking at him. Even though not a single word was exchanged between us, I couldn’t get him out of my mind. The very next day, a proposal for marriage came from his family and I was shocked yet happy at the same time. We were introduced properly to each other by our parents and hit it off instantly!”

Binal and Suchit
Binal and Suchit

Honeymoon Planning
Binal shares, “My dream destination has always been New Zealand thanks to its stunning landscapes and lip-smacking food. Being an ardent traveler, I’ve always envisioned my honeymoon in one of these two destinations. Fortunately, these two places featured on Suchit’s list too! We took on the responsibility of planning the trip upon ourselves and booked Airbnbs everywhere as we wanted to experience the unique culture of each place. In North New Zealand, we covered Auckland and Rotorua, while in South New Zealand, we visited Christchurch, Wanaka, Te Maru, Queenstown, Lake Takapo. Lastly, we made a surprise visit to Bora Bora.”

Binal and Suchit
Binal and Suchit

Best Meal of The Trip
“Our meal at Ode Conscious Dining in Wanaka was definitely one of the best meals we had. This restaurant offers a set menu with three to eight courses depending on the day. Fortunately, we made a reservation for an eight-course meal and were absolutely blown away by the delicacies they offered. Having previously eaten at several top-notch restaurants, I can safely say that this is one of the best meals I’ve had so far. The presentation was off the charts and the chef surprised us by coming personally to explain each dish to us. We really did experience Wanaka through their locally sourced ingredients.”

Most Romantic Moments
“Suchit organised a trip to Bora Bora to surprise me on my birthday. I didn’t know about his plans until we reached the airport. At Bora Bora, we enjoyed three days rambling on the beaches, marveling at beautiful lagoons, and enjoying delicious food. However, romance was at its peak during my birthday dinner at Le Meridien where we sipped on champagne and enjoyed a delicious meal by the azure waters.”

Binal and Suchit
Binal and Suchit


Must-experience Activities
“We enjoyed a wonderful stay at Atatu Purepod, and unleashed our adventurous sides at Queenstown and Rotura. For scenic beauty, one must visit Milford Sound, Mt.Cook National Park, Lavender Farm, and Wanaka. Also, the Onsen Hot Pool was probably the best spa experience of our lives! Additionally, Hobbiton and a road trip to visit the south New Zealand wineries should also feature in your itinerary.”

Binal and Suchit
Binal and Suchit


“I’d suggest one spend more days in the south of New Zealand rather than the north, as we found the southern side far more interesting. Hailing from Mumbai, nothing in Auckland seemed new to us, so one can avoid Auckland altogether. Most importantly, a weather check is absolutely essential when visiting New Zealand.”

Hotels We Stayed At
Atatu Purepod, Christchurch
Galaxy Lakeview House, Lake Tekapo
Aubrey Guest House, Wanaka
Misty Lakes – Queenstown Lakefront Apartment
Le Meridien Resort and Spa, Bora Bora
Holiday Inn, Rotorua

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