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Preeti's Makeup Missile


About Preeti's Makeup Missile

Preeti Jain is a well-known ANBOS International certified Makeup artist from Mumbai with a Bachelor's Degree in Cosmetic Technology. With the excessive training that she has received from renowned global experts, she has emerged as an expert in the field within no time. Having worked with a number of top cosmetic brands like Amway, Plum, Cheryls and Makeup Studio, Preeti has also extended her knowledge by expanding her reach to the audience via digital media platforms as well. Her most recent stint was as a beauty expert at Rajshri Production's Mind Body Soul, which also has a series listed on Amazon Prime.


Popularly known as 'Makeup Missile', Preeti ensures that she tries to understand the requirements and focuses on the natural features of her clients. Her lively persona and incredible team help the brides feel at ease among the wedding chaos. With Preeti, one can be well assured that the desired look one envisions can be met with that addition of a magical touch.


Bridal Makeup

Bridal Hairstylist

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