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Calling Fashion-forward Brides-to-be at the WeddingSutra Masterclass, 2016

WeddingSutra is delighted to announce the ninth edition of our eagerly anticipated WeddingSutra MasterClass at the JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu on Christmas Eve, the 24th of December, 2016 (time 11.00 am to 3.00 pm). A one-stop-destination for all wedding-related information, this event is an incomparable source of wedding and bridal inspiration and information.

The WeddingSutra Masterclass will include 25 lucky brides-to-be who will get a chance to interact with the who’s who of the wedding industry. They’ll also spend the day sampling delicious food, checking out the latest in photo props and booths and receive fashion tips and inspiration from a curated list of the finest wedding professionals.

Experts at the WeddingSutra MasterClass Include:

- Devangi Nishar Parekh, Promoter of
- Farid Khan and Bhavnesh Sawhney of WedNiksha (a division of Wizcraft)
- Himanshu Taneja, Executive Chef of JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu
- Vishal Punjabi of The Wedding Filmer
- Kanta Motwani and Pooja Desai, Creative Hairstylists and Makeup Artists

To participate in the MasterClass, email your Name, Wedding Date and Contact Number to

WeddingSutra Masterclass

Recent Entries

Sagarika Jain’s crazy Bachelorette in Dubai

Girls just want to have fun and there’s probably nothing as wild and freeing as that last all-girl trip before you tie the knot. So what better way to celebrate than by escaping to bling-central with your BFFs?! Sagarika made the most out of her ‘last fling’ by living it up with her girlfriends in glitzy Dubai.


Whether it was sailing or shopping, dolphins or desert-safaris, the girls had plenty of time to party, shop, have great adventures and most importantly, bond.


Sagarika Jain is getting married on the 15th of January next year and though she’s super excited about it, she needed a break from the pre-wedding hubbub. She thought a little fun and frolic surrounded by her squad would be rejuvenating. “Before the wedding, I just wanted to spend some fun time with my friends and a bachelorette trip to a ritzy location was always on my mind.”


Her research threw up a list of the coolest cities on the planet but it was Dubai that caught her eye for its promise of luxury and adventure, “Dubai is the most happening place I have ever seen. I am glad I made the decision to go there for my bachelorette. I chose the city because I wanted to relax and also have a gala time with some of my lovely friends.”


The pictures are proof! From the touristy desert safari to the adventurous scuba diving, Sagarika ensured her friends made memories forever, “Each day had its own story. We started with a camel ride in the desert safari and moved on to more adventurous expeditions such as scuba diving, underwater diving and also playing with dolphins!” There were also cycle rides along Marina Bay and a luxury yacht tour to appreciate the beauty of this city in the desert. Every evening, the girls treated themselves to some retail therapy at the sales in the Dubai Mall.



Sagarika says, “These days are special; we wanted them to be remembered.” The girls’ downtime was spent chatting the night away on the beach, “One night we five were sitting on the beach and chatting about life and boys. We even played ‘Truth or Dare’ which was a lot of fun and also quite a poignant moment as everyone shared their stories.”



On the last day of their fun-filled week, the girls got into ‘crazy mode’ and enjoyed their favorite childhood ritual together, “We put the music on full blast and were all jumping on the bed, just like we did as kids. We enjoyed each and every moment of our time together!”



Sagarika strongly encourages brides to take some time off their busy wedding planning process and take an ultimate bachelorette trip. “Just go and do it! I had a wonderful time on my bachelorette and would advise all the brides-to-be to just go ahead and plan one as these are the moments that they will cherish forever.”

Decor Inspirations at the Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa

Set on Siloso beach facing the South China Sea, Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, Singapore offers a unique location for a wedding by the ocean. While Rasa Sentosa’s stunning ballrooms are beautiful wedding venues, it is the sunset ceremony by the waterfront that you and your guests will remember for a long time. Alternatively, you can host an indoor wedding banquet at the Horizon Pavilion overlooking lush tropical greenery and the South China Sea. The Horizon Pavilion features floor to ceiling glass windows for a panoramic view of the sea in air-conditioned comfort.

Here are some decor ideas and inspiration from real weddings hosted at the Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa.

White and Pink Theme
Eileen and Steven were married on the lawns of the Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort and Spa at sunset. Their classic white wedding was infused with hints of pink. The bride’s bouquet was created with roses in several shades of pink. The centerpieces were of the same palette – pink and white roses in tall vases. The aisle was lined with huge pink and white blossoms in pots. The bridesmaids, naturally, followed the theme, wearing a deep coral.


Elegant Romance Theme
This elegant wedding at the Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort and Spa was perfect as the couple said their vows and exchanged rings in a sunset solemnization, a string quartet serenading them. The event was held at The Rocks at Shangri-La and the spectacular sunset was a feast for the eyes. The celebrations shifted to the Horizon Pavilion Ballroom with its great view of the beach. Keeping with the theme, both venues had been decorated in white – flowers and other elements – while the bridesmaids wore fuschia.


Subtle Aqua and Yellow Theme
Marie and Alan’s intimate wedding at the Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort and Spa was in the colors of the sun and sky. The bride walked down a flight of steps decorated with sunflowers, yellow drapes and white petals as bubbles floated into the air. The couple exchanged their vows and rings at ‘Chill on 5′. The bridesmaids wore turquoise which was beautifully offset by the subtle yellow décor.


Yellow Sunset Theme
Wendy and Keith’s wedding was held on the lawns of the Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa at sunset. They opted for elements of spring – a very classic wedding with hints of yellow flowers and green drapes. The aisle was strewn with yellow petals and the chairs were decorated with green drapes and yellow flowers. The combination of yellow and green looked stunning again the lawns and the South China Sea.


To host a beautiful destination wedding at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, click here for more details

Young and Inspiring- Gunjan and Pranjali Indrayan- Tripoetic

Our new series, ‘Young and Inspiring’ features fresh talent from the events and travel domain. Meet cool, young professionals whose work involves crafting honeymoons and customized, romantic travel itineraries and experiences for couples.

Here, husband-wife duo, Gunjan and Pranjali Indrayan, founders of Tripoetic share tips and advice on creating a honeymoon to remember.


Tell us more about Tripoetic.
Travel is more than just business for us, it is our passion! We design personalized luxury vacations to destinations around the globe. Each travel plan is created from the ground up and is based entirely on the traveler’s interests and style. Our itineraries ensure certain offbeat experiences at every destination while not missing out on the ‘must-do’ sightseeing. Honeymoon vacations have always enjoyed a special focus at Tripoetic because this is really the most special holiday for everyone. Newly wed couples love our tailor-made itineraries and the romantic indulgences we recommend


What are your clients looking for today?
Each client will have specific requests but one common aspect amongst all is the desire for something ‘different’ and exclusive. Most people are willing to go off-the-beaten path and want us to blend luxury with adventure. They want to understand the destination country’s culture, taste local delicacies and stay in unique, high-end boutique hotels rather than the same old ones.


What is the typical duration of travel for those who are traveling abroad?
Most honeymoon vacations fall in the 10-14 day range but we’ve planned trips for as short as 5 days to those lasting a full month.

How does the client interaction start?
Customers first contact us through the website or social media, email or phone. We analyze their ideas and expectations of the trip and then fashion the best vacation from scratch for them. The trip is then optimized with inputs and approvals from the customer.

You have mentioned that you advise clients to be travelers and not tourists. How do you devise an itinerary accordingly?
We strongly believe that any holiday should be much more than just checking off a list and clicking pictures at the main attractions. In other words – experience and don’t just observe, blend in and don’t stick out. Our idea of handcrafting each itinerary helps in avoiding stereotypes while ensuring we give travelers something unique and beyond their expectations.


Which destinations do you recommend for Honeymooners? Do you have any special recommendations/packages?
We plan honeymoons to all international destinations from Europe to the South Pacific and from North America to Africa. The destination depends primarily on the travelers’ interests and the time of year. Paris is our number one recommendation. It is the perfect place for a honeymoon. We also recommend New Zealand for adventure, the Caribbean for the beaches, Rio de Janeiro for partying and Iceland for road trips.



Which destinations do you recommend for nature lovers and thrill seekers?
Switzerland, Canada and South Africa will take you close to nature like never before. Thrill seekers will love Australia, USA and Costa Rica.

You say that you bring together globetrotters from different backgrounds. How does that happen?
Travel planning is an art, not a skill. Your background has no bearing here. I’ve worked extensively in the mobile telecom industry in the US. My wife and co-founder Pranjali has studied and worked in the field of fashion. We established Tripoetic after moving back to India. Our passion for travel has taken us to 15 countries together. In addition to this, Tripoetic consults and networks with travelers with diverse backgrounds and nationalities.


Do shopping and nightlife find place in a honeymoon itinerary or even a family/friends one?
Of course! Honeymooners love partying and the night life and Istanbul, Barcelona and Amsterdam are popular party destinations. Many couples enjoy shopping too and for them New York, Paris and Bangkok work the best. A great nightlife is usually a pre-requisite for bachelor/bachelorette trips while families with grown up kids love shopping excursions while traveling.


What is the most unusual request you have received so far?
Travelers have asked for spooky ghost tours on their honeymoon! Others may want a ‘digital detox,’ which is basically a vacation where you survive without digital connectivity for a few days away from the eyes of the world.


Any experience or stay you always recommend?
We do have our favorites, some of them being –
-Photography Session at various romantic locations in Paris.
-Scenic Helicopter Ride in New Zealand.
-Stay in Hotels with Caldera View and Infinity Pools in Santorini.
-Stay at the Luxury Romantic Resort, Jade Mountain in St. Lucia (Caribbean).
-Spend a night at the secluded 5-star Treehouse in South Africa.


If you are interested in hiring Tripoetic for your honeymoon, click here

THE ROYAL DARLINGS – Hinal & Jigyasu’s Pre-wedding shoot in Udaipur

In Udaipur, a city of breathtaking palaces and colorful streets, Jigyasu and Hinal rediscover their royal roots and recreate the splendour in their pre-wedding shoot


With just one month left for their big fat Marwari wedding, Jigyasu and Hinal found Udaipur to be the perfect place for their pre-wedding shoot as they both have descended from a royal line. Accordingly, all the pictures from this stunning shoot evoke this air of royalty where tradition meets modernity, complemented by the tranquility of shimmering lakes, the monumental palaces, and surreal colors of the open sky. This royal couple couldn’t have asked for a more authentic setting!




Talking about their two day pre-wedding shoot, the couple mention that the most fun they had during the shoot was at Jaisamand Lake, Sajjangarh and the Shasastra Temple. As they had the entire turf for them at the Shasastra temple, it was easier to relax and enjoy the shoot without any disturbances or distractions. Admitting that there were certain challenges while shooting like getting the lighting and the timing right at the lakes, perhaps the real struggle was gorilla shooting and managing the crowds at local joints like the Hathipole Lane in Udaipur, Hanuman Ghat, Ambrai Ghat and the Gangaur Ghats. However, the couple managed to pull off a refined regal demeanor with their poses, much like real king and queen.




From smoke bombs aboard a boat on a serene lake surrounded by hills to being silhouetted against the sunlight in a historic haveli, the shoot captures myriad looks and locations that bring unknown facets of Udaipur to life. Jigyasu and Hinal happily share that the two fun-filled days spent shooting with the Picture Together crew were memorable as everyone got along well.



They recall the awkwardness when they first met in December last year through a meeting arranged by their parents. Though it was an arranged marriage, over time that odd awkward silence at that first meeting slowly blossomed into a beautiful, timeless friendship. This is evident in their happy, glowing expressions radiating throughout their pre-wedding shoot.



As the artsy jewelry designer and the spirited entrepreneur wait eagerly to tie the knot, they talk about how planning a wedding on such a grand scale can take up all their time. “Even a year can seem too short to plan at times!” they exclaim.


However, as the pictures prove, Jigyasu and Hinal will have no problem pulling off a grand, regal wedding in inimitable style despite all distractions. We wish them all the best!

Photography- Picture Together

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A Vintage Pre-wedding Shoot in Mumbai

Iconic Mumbai landmarks and vintage glamour come together in Akshay and Ketki’s stunning pre-wedding shoot

Akshay was born and brought up in Jaipur, and currently works as an investment analyst at Goldman Sachs. Ketki hails from Pune and handles her family’s restaurants business. They were both in the same Pune college for four years but their paths never crossed. However, Akshay’s friend Harsh knew Ketki from college days and he felt she was the perfect match for Akshay.

Vintage Pre-wedding Shoot

Vintage Pre-wedding Shoot

When Akshay, the handsome Punjabi, met Ketki, the stunning Maharastrian, he instantly fell for her. But she was heading off to London in three months for her postgraduate degree and was not ready for a long-distance relationship. “I realized how much I was in love with her when I got her name tattooed on my wrist. All this was even before she said ‘yes’. I was running out of time as didn’t want the love of my life to go away knowing nothing might ever happen,” shares Akshay, adding, “I think it was two or three weeks before her trip to London, that she finally said ‘Yes’. And five-and-a-half years down the line, we are getting married! I am so happy that I persuaded her in those three months. I can’t imagine my life without her,” gushes Akshay.

Vintage Pre-wedding Shoot

Vintage Pre-wedding Shoot

The couple went through many pre-wedding shoots in India and abroad for inspiration to see what suits them best. They realized that they wanted something complex yet sophisticated, classy yet flamboyant.

Vintage Pre-wedding Shoot

Vintage Pre-wedding Shoot

Vintage Pre-wedding Shoot

The couple has always been very appreciative of vintage architecture, something that they always cherish when they travel to Europe or London. The vintage gowns, suits, and the retro British feel have always excited them but the only obstacle was to find such places in Mumbai for their own pre-wedding shoot.

Vintage Pre-wedding Shoot

Their pre-wedding photographer Deepanshi of Happyframes gave her suggestions regarding suitable locations and props. Ketki met her in person, and the couple discussed their ideas over numerous late night conference calls They kept sending Deepanshi the photos of their clothes, and Deepanshi would reach each location and send the location photos to the Akshay and Ketki.

Vintage Pre-wedding Shoot

Vintage Pre-wedding Shoot

The shoot began at 6:30 am in order to get shots of the relatively empty Victoria Terminus. They also shot next to The Times of India office, The Good Wife Restaurant in BKC, Deepanshi’s House, The Taj Mahal Palace, Gateway of India and Regal Cinema.

Deepanshi used numerous props such as newspapers, a kettle and trumpet, stools, a gramophone, vintage camera, an umbrella, vintage wall clocks, a huge mirror as well as and a very special gift from Akshay to Ketki – a handmade photo album, which he gifted to her on their first anniversary together. They wanted to make it a part of their pre-wedding experience.

Vintage Pre-wedding Shoot

The most challenging part of the shoot was to bring the vintage theme to life, be it in terms of accessories, places, expressions and body language, which thankfully came easily and naturally to the couple.

Though it was an early morning shoot, the couple enjoyed it to the fullest. Deepanshi created perfect backdrops for the vintage shoot and the couple complemented her backdrops with their apt vintage ensembles.

Vintage Pre-wedding Shoot

These photos – and the memories involved in making them – are something that the couple will cherish for life. As far as the looks are concerned, Ketki got the floral dress specifically made for the garden shoot. She is a wine connoisseur and the shoot at The Good Wife was a glamorous one. An avid makeup lover, Ketki got the perfect opportunity at the shoot to express herself.

Vintage Pre-wedding Shoot

Vintage Pre-wedding Shoot

The couple who are going to wed in Jaipur have handpicked their menu items and are going to follow the vintage theme there also.

The wedding will take place at Jai Mahal Palace Hotel, the mehendi at Hari Mahal Palace, the ring Ceremony at Le Meridien Jaipur, and sangeet & cocktails at Clarks Amer, and every function will have a different theme.

Photography- Happyframes

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Young and Inspiring: Vanessa Hutter Lakhiani and Vishal Lakhiani

Our series, ‘Young and Inspiring’ showcases the most exciting new talent powerhouses from the worlds of design, fashion and event planning who specialize in creating out-of-this-world weddings for matches made in heaven. Meet the power couple Vanessa and Vishal, co-owners of Eventures, the Bali-based destination wedding specialists. They tell their clients to “leave the nitty-gritty to us. All you have to do is sit back, relax, sample the cake and sip a mimosa.”

1. What was your inspiration and journey into the world of wedding planning?
I stumbled into the field by chance after I graduated from college in 2006. I knew immediately that this is what I wanted to do. My personal journey continued until 2011 when I met Vishal and we started Eventures together. (We got married three years later.) Indian weddings have a charm all of their own and we’re in love with them! We’re just constantly inspired and fascinated by the diversity of possibilities at each occasion.


Vanessa Hutter Lakhiani
Vishal Lakhiani


2. How are weddings evolving?
So many couples now are stepping out of their comfort zones, bucking tradition, doing things no one has ever done before and that makes weddings these days more fun, with a unique party ambiance. It’s a great challenge to us because we need to keep up with not just Indian wedding trends but celebration trends worldwide as so many times, these are incorporated into weddings too.


3. What’s the one piece of advice you’d share with every bride or groom to be?
Give yourself a year to plan your wedding and trust your planner. We’re as dedicated to making it a successful event as you are.

4. What are your most memorable wedding planning experiences?
Every experience is memorable because each wedding is always so unique. But we’re always thrilled when we’re hired by couples who trust us to plan their wedding in a new destination. We thrive on new experiences.


5. One destination where you would like to organize a wedding.
Fiji! Or Jaipur!

6. How do busy wedding planners unwind?
When wedding season starts we’re pretty much occupied 24/7 so we try and travel as much as we can during low season. We also love spending time with our family and friends.

7. The Indian Wedding only seems to get bigger and bigger. Do you agree?
Yes! Everything is getting bigger and bigger. This happens because the sheer scale of possibilities the industry has to offer is exploding! There’s more flexibility and creativity in the wedding planning process and the industry demand means everything is getting bigger, more creative and definitely more unique!


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Prinal and Dhruv’s Pre-wedding shoot in Dubai

From their ‘hush hush’ meetings in Mumbai to a colorful shoot on the Vespa- Prinal and Dhruv’s pre-wedding photoshoot in Dubai captures the essence of a fun romance between the two lovebirds.

How we met
I wasn’t too keen on marriage and I’d decided to willfully reject Dhruv as soon as my parents introduced him to me. But destiny had other plans.

We met near Joggers Park, Mumbai and then headed to the Taj for a snack. I realized I was just so comfortable talking to him even though this was the first time we’d met. There was never a dull moment between us. I thought he was smart and straightforward. We met several times after but marriage was not on the cards.

Prinal and Dhruv’s Pre-wedding shoot in Dubai

We continue this ‘secret dating’ stint for over two months and finally decided to surprise our parents with our plans for marriage. We’re just so lucky to have found each other and can’t wait to tie the knot in December this year.

Prinal and Dhruv’s Pre-wedding shoot in Dubai

Prinal and Dhruv’s Pre-wedding shoot in Dubai

Pre Wedding Shoot
We wanted our pre-wedding photography to be special, something that we would reminisce forever. Dubai is our favorite holiday destination and we decided to shoot in its glitzy locales. We also wanted to enjoy our shoot so after a lot of research we chose Rahul Jagani. He’s a great candid photographer who’s captured noted celebrities like Kapil Sharma, Shaan and KK.

Prinal and Dhruv’s Pre-wedding shoot in Dubai

Prinal and Dhruv’s Pre-wedding shoot in Dubai

Prinal and Dhruv’s Pre-wedding shoot in Dubai

We asked him to take pictures that would reflect the essence of our relationship in fun, candid shots.

Prinal and Dhruv’s Pre-wedding shoot in Dubai

Prinal and Dhruv’s Pre-wedding shoot in Dubai

Prinal and Dhruv’s Pre-wedding shoot in Dubai

Experience with Photographer
We took pictures on a yacht, on top of sand dunes, amidst skyscrapers and even with a quirky Vespa to make the album appealing. Rahul Jagani not only did the most amazing shoot but he was very open to our ideas. If you’re looking for a fun shoot to capture your special moments, he’s definitely the man to consider.

Prinal and Dhruv’s Pre-wedding shoot in Dubai

Prinal and Dhruv’s Pre-wedding shoot in Dubai

Photography- Rahul Jagani

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Richa Pandey’s Bachelorette Bash in Crazy Cancun & Decadent Dubai

They wanted to live the ‘Queen’ life, so Richa Pandey planned a memorable double Bachelorette Bash for her squad at Cancun in Mexico and Dubai

Bachelorette bashes are all about living it up with your best friends before you lose the ‘single’ tag and join the ‘married club’. Little wonder then that such parties are a rite of passage, in a sense. A bachelorette party should ideally be that one big memorable bash which you call can still talk and giggle about a decade later with your BFFs. They are a step beyond sleepovers, movie outings – and even holidays together. Richa Pandey was inspired by the freewheeling adventures portrayed in the Bollywood hit ‘Queen’ which motivated her to pull off twice-in-a-lifetime experiences for her squad in two completely different locations – Cancun in Mexico and Dubai, in the UAE.

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette #1 in Cancun, Mexico
Luxury, offbeat adventures and adrenaline-filled activities were highlights of Richa’s Cancun bash. The girls were put up in the Luxury Suites at the ME Cancun lifestyle resort. Situated close to the popular Cancun beach, it was very conveniently located near shopping malls, top-notch restaurants, clubs and trendy nightspots. The girls glammed it up for the throbbing nightlife and went all grunge for the Cenotes Adventure Trip in the Xenotes Oasis Maya park. They made the most out of their time in the eco-friendly place by cave jumping and zip lining. They dived into their swimsuits for kayaking, snorkeling and splashing about in the resort’s water slide area. The girls also had a charming photoshoot done by ME Cancun Resort’s in-house photographer who captured them at their candid best.

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette #2 in Dubai
Their next stop was Dubai – the dazzling city in the middle of the UAE desert – which is constantly adding to its towering attractions every year. Richa and her gang went sailing aboard a yacht and posed with the imposing façade of the Atlantis Resort in the background as they enjoyed being adrift in the blue waters around the iconic Palm Jumeirah. They raised a toast to each other in an elegant restaurant against the beautiful landmarks of Dubai Mall with a view of the dancing musical fountains. Needless to say, they took a lot of photos aka #groupfies in this buzzing city to remember their fun moments. From puffing the exotic shisha to sashaying down Dubai Marina with its stunning night water views, the girls lived it up and lapped everything that dazzling, decadent Dubai had to offer.

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

Deepika and Punit’s Platinum Day of Love

Our initiative ‘Love Actually’ is a photo series featuring couples who actively seek ideas and inspiration from WeddingSutra. The series celebrates beautiful people as they start their lives together: because real love is timeless.

Punit’s cousin introduced the couple when they were still teenagers. Even as kids they had a lot in common – both born under the zodiac sign Scorpio, both crazy about football, travel and adventure sports. They had several quarrels but remained great friends. Then Deepika moved to Spain but they promised to stay in contact through email. “We weren’t constantly in touch,” Deepika admits, “but we knew we liked each other.”

Deepika and Punit

Deepika and Punit

Their teenage attraction evolved into a mature, loving relationship and they decided, long-distance, that they were meant for each other. There were no secrets. “We were open to our parents about our relationship,” Deepika smiles, “But we kept delaying plans to marry because we had to save up for the wedding.”

The couple did have some special moments despite the distance. “We love to travel,” Deepika says, “so while I was working in London, Punit surprised me on Valentine’s Day by showing up! Then we went skydiving together. It was the best!”

Deepika and Punit

So in tune with each other, the couple didn’t need a precise moment or a formal proposal. They just mutually understood that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. “We’ve known each other for so long and Punit is perfect for me,” Deepika says thoughtfully, “Our relationship is based on a deep friendship. He’s been extremely supportive of my career and encouraged me to pursue my goals. We respect each other’s decisions and that is of utmost importance in any relationship. We took our time and we’ve decided to get married this year.”

Deepika and Punit

Deepika and Punit

Deepika and Punit

While they’re both busy professionals – Deepika is a Market Analyst and Punit is a businessman – they’re dividing the wedding responsibilities equally. “I’m an analyst so I’m the researcher,” Deepika laughs, “Punit is the execution department.” She says that they haven’t hired a wedding planner and she has to pay a lot of attention to detail.

Still, they’re enjoying the wedding planning process. The couple had always dreamed of a wedding by the beach with a sunset as the perfect backdrop and are working towards it but also remembering to have fun. “Dance practice with the family and friends is so much fun! These are going to be such great memories,” Deepika grins.

Deepika and Punit

The couple plans to take an unforgettable honeymoon and relax and unwind after the wedding. But they know that pre-wedding shoots are also a great opportunity for a little ‘Just us time’. Hanging around at the salt-water pool at the J W Marriott, Juhu was exactly that – a chance to spend some time with each other amidst gorgeous scenery as the sun set and glinted off their platinum love bands.

Deepika and Punit

Deepika said, “We’ve had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed our wonderful pre-wedding Platinum Day of Love with WeddingSutra. It’s been helpful and informative when it comes to choosing the right photographer and briefing them about the kind of pictures we’d like taken at our wedding. I love WeddingSutra anyway – it’s such a great resource for couples who are planning their wedding on their own.”

Deepika and Punit tie the knot in December this year. WeddingSutra wishes them love, luck and a beautiful lifetime together.

Deepika and Punit

Deepika and Punit

If you’re getting married in 2016 or 2017 and would like to be a part of ‘Love Actually’ write to us with the link to your FB profiles, wedding date and ‘How you met’ story. Selected couples will be invited for the shoots in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Location- JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu
Platinum Jewelry and Love Bands- Gehna Jewellers
Makeup and Hairstyling- Kajol R Paswwan

Photography- The Moment by Parag Gopale