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Vikrant Kadam is professionally known as DJ Vee is one of the most prominent names in club culture and the Indian dance music industry. A talented music producer, he has spun numerous catchy tunes in and around Mumbai's most established clubs parties and events.

His passion towards his work has helped him maintain a notable status over the years and earned him gigs not just at some top-notch weddings but also at the hottest clubs including Sucasa, Jlwa, Arth, Exo,R Adda, Drinkery 51, Burn, Kaama, Fahrenheit, Doha, True Tramm Trunk, China House, Anarchy, Tote, DROP (EX-ROYALTY), Trilogy, Amnesia, Alibii, Athena, Aurus, Hype, Red Light, TWM, Club ORG, Villa 69, etc.

With a deep understanding of a wide range of music genres, be it Bollywood, Hip-Hop, R&B, Tech House Electronic Dance Music he truly has managed to crack the code to keep everyone glued to the dance floor.

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