Wedding Cakes in Bangalore

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Weddings make for sweet celebrations, and what better way to mark that occasion than with cake!i With plethora of options available today in terms of size, flavors, designs, and levels of embellishments, wedding cakes have become no less a delicious visual treat. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure you get your dream wedding cake for your big day.


Wedding cakes are available in a wide variety of flavours and designs, and can be pretty much customized as per your specifications. They can broadly be classified on the basis of the following factors.


Traditionally multi-tiered, wedding cakes include anywhere from one to seven levels in general, depending on the size and theme of the gathering. In recent times, minimalistic cakes with a single layer are gaining popularity, as it also allows for a bigger dessert spread. Other styles being explored are floating tiers, crafted to look like precarious balancing acts, and alternate tiers of sweet and savory concoctions.


The three mains types of icing available are whipped cream, butter cream, and fondant. They need to be chosen in concurrence with the theme of the party, as well as taste preferences. For example, naked or half dressed cakes with fresh flowers are best for rustic, boho settings, while formal events call for fondant and clean designs.


Apart from traditional tiers, wedding cakes are seeing highly customized designs from floral accents, structures to various complex objects, which require special skills to create.


Finalize your guest list before moving on to cakes.

  • Research about different types of flavors, icings, fillings and designs. Save images for references to show to your baker.
  • Once you have a design in mind and you know your budget, browse for vendors and select some that meet your requirements.
  • Check their profiles here.
  • Discuss all your requirements in terms of flavors, design, cost and transport details.
  • Book your cake well in advance to avoid any last minute emergencies.
  • Write to us in case of queries and get help from our erudite experts.


  • Finalize the combinations of cake and icing flavours. Definitely consider your favorites but keep in mind the season and general popularity before taking the call.
  • Choice of whipped cream, butter cream and fondant. This will greatly affect the flavor and appearance of your cake, and will depend on the complexity of design.
  • In case of fresh flowers to be incorporated into the design, clarify the coordination with a florist for the same.
  • Make sure your final cost includes the delivery or any overhead charges.
  • Elaborate designs may get ruined in high temperatures. Discuss the delivery arrangement to ensure your precious cake reaches your venue safely.
  • In case of any special or rare ingredients, ensure a timeline that accounts for its procurement.
  • Discuss any dietary restrictions or allergies to ensure those ingredients are not used.


1. When can you come for a tasting?

Once you have shortlisted two or three bakers, visit them for a tasting to determine your preference of flavors, design, cake size, and any other specifications you may have, before finalizing the right one.

2. Do you have a signature style? What is your style of designing?

Certain bakers are famous for particular styles of cakes. Also, depending on the complexity of the design, the types of cream and fondant used may differ. Clarify all of this and ensure the baker is able to make the cake as per your exact specifications.

3. What is the pricing of the cake and any additional add-ons?

The prices vary greatly depending on the flavors, filling, design, size, and of course customization. Also factor in the delivery cost before closing the deal.

4. What’s the delivery process?

The mode of delivery needs to account for the weather of the wedding location and distance from the bakery to the event venue. Be certain that your baker is equipped to transport the cake securely to avoid last-minute issues.

5. How far in advance will my wedding cake be prepared?

Popular bakeries handle several orders on a daily basis. Chart out your delivery and timeline in advance so as not to compromise on the taste or quality, or suffer any delay in delivery.

6. Do you offer vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free flavors?

This is very important in case of any food restrictions or allergies.

7. Can you make sugar flowers? Do you use fresh flowers in your creations

We all have a folder of gorgeous wedding cakes saved over the years. Ask the baker for his portfolio of past designs, and show him your references to plan out your design and requirements, or for special components/embellishments that need to be created. In case you want fresh flowers, ask your baker if he can collaborate with a florist for the same, or ask him to contact your trusted florist.

8. Filling choices

Filling choices are endless nowadays. Choosing something fruity or going with heavier fillings, such as chocolate, completely alter the taste of a cake. Also, in case of speciality and rare fillings, more time might be needed to procure the ingredients, and may also affect your cost.

9. Do you offer other types of desserts?

You could always go a different route, like cupcakes or pies instead of traditional wedding cakes. Ask your baker for the other options in store for you to explore. You could also choose to get a smaller cake and supplement it with other desserts.