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Bisma and Akhil, Budapest

Dream Diaries weaves a montage of emotions, love and memories with the wedding film of Bisma and Akhil set in beautiful Budapest.

Bisma and Akhil’s ‘The Grand Budapest Wedding’ at the magnificent Kempinski Hotel Corvinus was an extravagant celebration of their romance. Their wedding film shot in this quintessential European city brings you every sparkling moment of emotion, grandeur and impeccable style.

Budapest has been voted, over and over, as one of the most beautiful, idyllic cities in Europe. The wedding film opens to sweeping panoramas over this wonderful place where Bisma and Akhil have chosen to get married. Shot by Dream Diaries, we are privileged to witness the beautiful couple, walking hand in hand, sharing sweet nothings, as they embark on a new journey together.

Soon, we’re introduced to the couple’s family. High on emotion, the wedding video then gathers pace as we’re allowed to partake in the grand celebrations – the haldi, sangeet, traditional wedding rituals and of course, so much fun. From the solemn pheras to the epic reception party, the one constant is the familial bond, captured in every frame.

We’re allowed into the private realm of the couple’s recollections, their first-hand observations and friendship. It is a treat to walk in their footsteps and hear their story. Then it is time to witness the ceremonies as the couple, their friends and families present many-hued emotions. The film captures every sentiment big and small. We witness the chemistry Bisma and Akhil share during the rituals around the wedding venue.

The spectrum of celebration is represented across intimate moments, the bride adorning herself, the preparations and grand revelry, dancing and laughing. Don’t miss the celebrated Aatif Aslam performing for the lovely couple and their guests. The singer welcomed the newlyweds with one of his most romantic tracks as the crowd cheered on. Believe us, it’s just beautiful to watch!

Whether it’s their little gestures or most memorable moments, every detail is beautifully preserved by Dream Diaries.

Videography: Dream Diaries

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