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Honeymoon & Travel

A honeymoon is very special as it is a couple’s first ‘holiday’ together as a married duo. It’s also supposed to serve as a relaxing break after the hectic wedding celebrations. Whether a couple likes adventure or lazing on a sandy beach, romance, relaxation and rejuvenation is on the cards at every honeymoon.

To help you savor the perfect honeymoon, we bring you honeymoon planning services for customized itineraries, inspiring ideas and exquisite experiences.


When it comes to choosing honeymoon destinations, the choices are endless. However, they can be classified broadly into the following categories:

Island Getaways

Savor privacy, natural beauty and luxury in a breathtaking location with the sun, waves, and palm trees.

Mountain Sojourns

Snuggle with hot cocoa under a warm blanket and enjoy views of gorgeous snowcapped vistas.


Indulge your love for sandy beaches by relaxing on sun beds, and simply enjoying the water views with your favorite drinks.


Plan a trip to a city you have always dreamed of exploring, and tick it off your bucketlist.

Cultural Honeymoon

Immerse yourselves in the history, local cuisine, and culture of a new place.


If a long honeymoon is not possible, book a short honeymoon that lasted anywhere from two to four days, and savour the most luxurious experiences even in a short time.

Adventure Honeymoon

Ski-vacations, jungle safaris, skydiving and trekking are perfect options for thrill-seeking couples.


Hope aboard a luxury liner for a honeymoon at sea that offers a range of activities to suit your every whim.

Road Trip

Grab a map, throw a dart, and get going – the only aim should be to enjoy each other’s company and the surroundings.

Multi-stop Honeymoon

Instead of focusing on one destination, plan to visit different locations along the way for more interesting experiences.


A few days of relaxation and just enjoying each other’s company in a tranquil environment in your hometown is a great option for those who aren’t big on travel.

All-inclusive Honeymoons

The popular all inclusive honeymoon options offer luxurious accommodation, world-class dining options and a range of activities organized according to a couple’s tastes in one package.


Start with fixing a budget for your honeymoon. Some couples request monetary contributions for a ‘honeymoon fund’ instead of wedding gifts – which is quite a smart idea.

  • Do you want your honeymoon to be an escape or adventure? Decide on the mood, vibe and experience you both are looking for.
  • Research online for inspiration. Explore Pinterest and Instagram for ideas. Check out the Travel and Blog section on WeddingSutra for inspiration.
  • Decide on whether you are travelling immediately after your wedding or a few weeks/months later. Narrow down your choices according to the weather conditions at your selected destinations at the chosen time of travel.
  • Once you have some ideas in mind and you know your budget, browse WeddingSutra.com for vendors and select one that fits your bill.
  • Check their profiles here
  • Book well in advance to avoid any last minute emergencies. Around four to six months prior to your wedding is a good rule of thumb to plan your honeymoon.
  • Write to us in case of queries and get help from our erudite experts.


  • Plan out your itinerary beforehand to avoid any chaos during the trip.
  • Don’t just look for great deals for hotels and flights. Also factor in overhead costs of transport, food, shopping, and miscellaneous costs, which can add up.
  • Before finalizing hotel rooms of villas, decide on the kind of experience you would like. A resort or a fancy hotel is perfect for pampering, while an AIRBNB might be the way to go for a more local experience. Plan this well, especially if you both are going to be visiting more than one location.
  • Figure out your transport modes. Be clear about whether you will use public transport to explore the location, or rent a car, or prefer a chauffeured ride. Travelling to a new place without knowledge of the local nuances can be daunting and unpleasant, especially in case of a language barrier.
  • If your package is inclusive of meals, inform them of your dietary restrictions, if any.
  • Don’t forget to pre-plan a airport pick up and drop to ensure a smooth experience.


1. When should we take our honeymoon?

Even though traditionally couples used to leave for their honeymoon immediately after the wedding, taking a few days before heading on your trip might give you a chance to recover and pack, and also allow you to spend some time with your family and relish the wedding memories together.

2. Which tools should I use to plan my honeymoon?

Similar to wedding planning, many couples use online tools to plan their honeymoons, such as Pinterest and Instagram for travel inspiration, as well as travel blogs and wedding planning sites (like WeddingSutra). Hiring an agent is great way to avoid the stress of honeymoon planning, on top of wedding planning.

3. How long should our honeymoon be?

Most couples decide on the length of their honeymoon based on their work schedules and other commitments. An average of seven to ten days is sufficient to relax and explore a new location. However if time isn’t an issue, go all out and travel the world!

4. How should we select our honeymoon destination?

Your honeymoon is a great opportunity to visit some places you both always dreamed of seeing. It’s best to discuss ideas with your partner to ensure you are on the same page, as well as fix a budget. There is lots of information on blogs, social media channels, and magazines about different destinations.

5. What are the most popular honeymoon destinations?

European destinations are great for those seeking old world romance, while island getaways have gained popularity in recent times. Beach vacations are amongst the most popular options for honeymoons.

5. How much should we spend on our honeymoon?

This is very dependent on personal choices and who is paying for it. Traditionally the groom organized and paid for the honeymoon, but as is with everything, equal partnership is the ideal way to go. Many couples also set up a honeymoon fund in lieu of a wedding registry, where guests are asked to make monetary contribution instead of physical presents, which can be used to pay for the honeymoon.