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Rixos Hotels Egypt: A Grand and Exceptional Wedding Destination
Searching for an ideal destination where to say yes for a lifetime? Look no more as Rixos Hotels Egypt provides...
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Thailand is set to become the Number one destination for Indian Weddings in 2023
Since the year 2010 when well-heeled Indian families started considering overseas destinations for weddings, Thailand emerged as the most sought-after...
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Destination Weddings - Feb 14, 2022
15 destination wedding hotels in Qatar that’ll have you reaching for your passport!
A charming confluence of Middle-Eastern heritage and futuristic architecture, the gulf city of Doha has long attracted the world’s elite....
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Travel & Honeymoon - Dec 20, 2021
Falling in Love in Finnish Lapland!
Masoom Minawala and her husband's romantic getaway is bound to inspire your honeymoon plans! Steeped in natural beauty and dotted...
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Travel & Honeymoon - Nov 1, 2021
Plan to travel in the next four months? Mark these dates to avoid the Wedding rush!
The wedding season is right around the corner, and while the excitement of wedding planning, shopping and festivities will be...
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10 reasons to say “I Do” in Switzerland.
An inimitable blend of striking natural beauty, history, and luxury - nothing quite compares to the allure of tying the...
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Travel & Honeymoon - Jul 29, 2021
This dad whisked his daughter away on an adventurous 15-day father-daughter bike trip to Leh before she tied the knot!
Ahmedabad-based businessman Prakash Patel and his daughter Priyal Patel always knew that they wanted to do something special to celebrate...
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Travel & Honeymoon - Jul 12, 2021
Discover Club Mahindra GoZest – The perfect wedding gift for the millennial couple
A thirst for new experiences has influenced the way millennials travel and live their lives. From workcations to bachelor trips,...
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Travel & Honeymoon - Mar 16, 2021
This couple took a break from the lockdown with a snowy, adventure-filled holiday in Jammu and Kashmir
Sheltered by a clear blue sky against which the snow-laden landscape struck a delightful contrast, Devanshi and Navshil Parekh's holiday...
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Travel & Honeymoon - Mar 15, 2021
From savoring traditional South Indian cuisine to cruising on the serene backwaters, this couple’s holiday in Kerala was an unforgettable experience!
Sheltered by clear blue skies and punctuated by the gentle sound of crashing waves, Akanksha Sharma and Sandeep Kumar Rajput’s...
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Travel & Honeymoon - Mar 5, 2021
Filled with colorful sunsets, rejuvenating spa treatments & romantic houseboat rides, this couple’s holiday in Kerala was a visual treat!
Feasting their eyes on the lush greenery, azure blue skies, and calm waters, Aakrati Kharche Jain and her husband Karan’s...
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Surrounded by the tropical beauty of Maldives, this couple beat the odds to orchestrate a stunning pre-wedding photoshoot
Feasting their eyes on the boundless beauty of the Maldives, Aakashi Bhansali and Adit Shah’s pre-wedding shoot was akin to...
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