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10 Idyllic Backdrops for Destination Weddings in Portugal

The magic of Indian weddings lies in their meaningful rituals that have their roots in history, colorful decor, family bonding and lots of cheer. That’s why the exotic locales of Portugal, which feature history, striking architecture, and natural beauty, make for perfect locations for Indian weddings. From warm beaches to dramatic forts, ancient castles and exquisite villas, the country has it all. Portugal also boasts of fine gastronomy and world-class hospitality, owing to which it is quickly becoming a magnet for destination weddings. Take a tour of some of the top-rated places in Portugal for that perfect wedding.

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: Destination Weddings in Portugal

Palácio de Queluz
Type: Palace
Maximum Capacity: 500 (Outdoor), 350 (Indoor)

An iconic building that is deeply connected to Portugal’s past, Palácio de Queluz has been the residence for two generations of monarchs. However, besides historic importance, the palace also makes for an excellent example of 18th and 19th century architecture and landscaping. With manicured gardens complete with artistic sculptures and water features, as well as charming indoor spaces bathed in abundant natural light, this is the perfect venue for an intimate fairytale wedding.

Weddings in Portugal

Palácio de Monserrate
Type: Palace
Maximum Capacity: 80 (Indoor)

With walls engulfed in delicately carved details and corridors lined with ornate arches and ceilings displaying Moroccan lamps, Palácio de Monserrate inspires wonder in the way it fuses Portuguese, Arabian and Indian architectural styles. While every nook of this extravagantly decorated palace is a sight to behold, the Music Room stands out as the most impressive space that is ideal for a landmark celebration.

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: Margarida Cardoso Photography

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: Miguel Matos

Nuncio Garden
Type: Garden
Maximum Capacity: 350 (Outdoor)

Situated within the Penha Longa Resort, Nuncio Garden is a walled enclosure built in the 16th century. This venue was seen as a calm haven that was conducive for deep contemplation and meditation around 250 years ago. Today, it is rated as one of the most romantic wedding backdrops in Portugal. The setting includes a pretty pond that elevates the beauty of the festivities.

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: Fabio Azanha Photography

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: Fabio Azanha Photography

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: Fabio Azanha Photography

Quinta das Lágrimas
Type: Heritage Estate
Maximum Capacity: 350 (Indoor)

The birthplace of one of Portugal’s most legendary love stories, Quinta das Lágrimas encourages romance like no other venue. The property’s 12 hectares gardens where Prince Pedro and Inês de Castro planned their secret meetings set a charming stage for unforgettable celebrations that combine nature, history, elegance, and beauty.

Weddings in Portugal

Weddings in Portugal
Weddings in Portugal

Photos Courtesy: Atmosphere and Canigueral

Tivoli Palácio de Seteais
Type: Palace
Maximum Capacity: 200 (Indoor & Outdoors)

Built in 1787, this beautiful palace has played host to celebrities, including Agatha Christie, David Bowie, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, amongst others. A residence that was rather popular amongst the Portuguese nobility, the Tivoli Palácio de Seteais unveils unique character in each of its rooms and spaces. Be it ornate furnishings, tapestries, and frescos of rare beauty, the venues here bring it all together to create truly captivating settings.

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: Hideaway Report

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: Tivoli Hotels

Weddings in Portugal
Weddings in Portugal

Photos Courtesy: Photo de Sonho

Forte Da Cruz
Type: Fort
Maximum Capacity: 500 (Outdoor), 110 (Indoor)

Sitting upon the soft sands of the Tamariz Beach, with overwhelming views of the Atlantic Ocean, Forte Da Cruz displays an unmissable resemblance to Tuscan castles as it stands tall against Portuguese landscapes. A wedding at this splendid venue is the perfect way to showcase the country’s gilded past and its mesmerizing golden sunsets on your big day.

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: Luxury Wedding Portugal

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: Fabio Azanha Photography

Weddings in Portugal
Weddings in Portugal

Photos Courtesy: Fabio Azanha Photography

Quinta da Bellavista
Type: Farmhouse
Maximum Capacity: 1000 (Indoor & Outdoor)

Those who admire antiques and alluring views will find no better place to exchange their vows than the Quinta da Bellavista. Overlooking the Tagus River, this 19th-century estate is elegantly decorated, and features one of the largest collections of English antique furniture outside the UK, as well as treasures from the 16th century. With exotic rugs, fabrics and even flowers, this venue stays true to its English personality.

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: Quinta da Bellavista

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: Silva Carvalho Catering

Coconuts By The Sea
Type: Seafront
Maximum Capacity: 400 (Indoor & Outdoor)

Offering the perfect mix of indoor and outdoor venues, this partially covered location affords uninterrupted views of the Atlantic Ocean. A chic ballroom with large windows and a large seaside terrace is perfect for rousing soirées. In addition, it even provides direct access to the beach which elevates its appeal further.

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: Discover Walks

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: Wixstatic

Convento do Carmo
Type: Catholic Convent
Maximum Capacity: 300 (Outdoor)

A medieval gothic-style convent dating back to the 14th century, Convento do Carmo faced serious damages in 1755 due to an earthquake. A few centuries later, however, the ruins of this building have become a sought after wedding venue. The site whispers stories of strength and timelessness against an artistic backdrop.

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: MaisUmaPraConta

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: TFY Events

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: Como Branco Wedding

Senhora da Guia Cascais Boutique Hotel
Type: Seafront
Maximum Capacity: 100 (Outdoor)

Strategically located between the elegant village of Cascais, and the beautiful golden sand beaches around Guincho area, the Senhora da Guia Cascais Boutique Hotel creates a cozy atmosphere for an intimate celebration. Be it their gardens, event spaces or restaurants, all offer breathtaking views of the ocean and open up endless opportunities to create special memories.

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: Destination Weddings in Portugal

Weddings in PortugalPhoto Courtesy: The Best hotels

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