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A romantic lavender spring engagement you cannot miss!
Arushi and Pranav first met at a party where he spilled his drink on her. Little did they know back...
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This pawdorable engagement shoot included the couple’s fur baby
Kehkasha and Jenish come from different religious backgrounds. Needless to say, they had to fight hard for their love, and...
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A dreamy, impromptu photoshoot set amidst the locales of Singapore
A last-minute surprise pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore resulted in first-class pictures for Chandani and Mayank. A casual and romantic pre-wedding...
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The quaint hill station of Mussoorie provided a scenic backdrop for this pre-wedding shoot.
Pallavi, a Sindhi bride-to-be, and Dishant, a Gujrati groom-to-be, fell in love when their parents played cupid in their story....
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Our Favourite Pre-Wedding Shoots of March 2020
The visual journey of a pre-wedding shoot gives a unique insight into a couple’s love story. Our favorite couple shoots...
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A dreamy pre-wedding shoot in the heart of India’s capital city
Delhi based Priyanshi and Kush, leading hospitality professionals, were introduced by a common friend. After a year of courtship, the...
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From DDLJ To Chandni, Here’s Why This Couple Chose Switzerland For Their Pre-wedding Photoshoot
Shweta and Evan live in Munich, Germany where Evan works as a data scientist and Shweta as a patent professional....
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A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot amidst the magical wild terrain of Kenya, Africa
From the very moment Khushil laid his eyes on Nikita at a friend’s party, he just knew that he had...
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A soulful pre-wedding photoshoot that captured this couple’s love against the rugged beauty of Ladakh
Some love stories compel us to marvel at the serendipitous nature of life. Tanvi and Anmol knew each other as...
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A gorgeous Tuscany pre-wedding photoshoot
Tejaswini and Abhinga met when they were pursuing their architecture course together. The college sweethearts went from sharing coffees to...
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The old stone ruins of Hampi formed the perfect backdrop for Rohini and Dheeraj’s newfound love!
Rohini and Dheeraj, who met through an arranged marriage setup, recently got hitched at Dheeraj’s hotel, The Groves in Bangalore....
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An ethereal pre-wedding photoshoot that captured the couples’ chemistry perfectly against the charm of Kerala’s myriad landscapes
Their parents played Cupid, and it wasn’t long before fashion stylist Kajal and her businessman beau Jimit fell in love...
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