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Wedding Proposals - Apr 13, 2023
Captured against Qatar’s magical dunes, this dreamy proposal photoshoot is sure to melt your heart!
With a lavish palette of sights and experiences to suit every taste and preference, Qatar has fast gained traction as...
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Wedding Proposals - Mar 29, 2023
These childhood sweethearts turned a new page in their decade-long love story with a heartwarming wedding proposal at Cappadocia!
Set against the raw beauty of Cappadocia in Turkey, Mokshita Bhan and Revant Adlakha celebrated the beginning of a new...
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Wedding Planning - Sep 27, 2022
This bride-to-be left no stone unturned as she planned a romantic wedding proposal at a Go-Karting arena for her beau!
When it comes to wedding proposals, one can never go wrong with an element of surprise and an outing that...
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Wedding Proposals - Jan 3, 2022
A timeless sunset wedding proposal at the stunning Taj Fateh Prakash Palace, Udaipur!
Hosted at the beguiling lake-front property of Taj Fateh Prakash Palace in Udaipur, Harsh’s proposal to Shreenal was simply surreal....
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Wedding Proposals - Nov 17, 2021
An art session turned into a wedding proposal! Find out how she asked him to marry her!
Shikhani Shah, a criminal lawyer, and Sumeet Engineer crossed paths through an aunt who’d set them up, and little did...
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Wedding Proposals - Oct 5, 2021
From a helicopter ride around the Taj Mahal to staying in the suite that hosted Jeff Bezos, a wedding proposal truly one to behold!
Gazing at one of the world’s most timeless and celebrated symbols of love, Gurshant’s proposal to Rohani was one of...
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Wedding Proposals - Aug 19, 2021
A magnificent wedding proposal aboard a 150-year old royal boat on the shimmering waters of Lake Pichola
They say there is nothing like falling in love with your best friend. Marking the momentous occasion of his proposal...
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Wedding Proposals - Jun 17, 2021
A rooftop wedding proposal that speaks timeless romance
A celebration of years of friendship, love and everything in between, Krishna’s proposal to Kosha was an artfully planned love...
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Wedding Proposals - Jun 7, 2021
Planning to Propose? Here’s our list of romantic wedding proposals you can take a cue from!
“Tis the season for Wedding Proposals and planning an unforgettable one is exciting yes, but in these times a pretty...
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Wedding Proposals - Feb 17, 2021
Set against Mumbai’s skyline with a golden sunset, this yacht wedding proposal was the perfect embodiment of a modern fairytale!
A classic case of friendship turning into love, Khushali Jobalia and Khanjan Shah’s love story kickstarted with the duo forming...
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Wedding Proposals - Feb 16, 2021
Immersed in romance, this underwater wedding proposal at Atlantis The Palm in Dubai was breathtaking!
A perfect example of an arranged marriage giving a head start to love Aayushi Shah and Sushant Doshi’s wedding proposal...
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Wedding Proposals - Jan 25, 2021
From a thrilling speedboat ride to a romantic shower of rose petals, this wedding proposal was a fairytale come true
College sweethearts Krishna Shah, Founder of Prose Stories, and Rohil Shah, a textile industrialist had always planned on celebrating the...
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