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All About Grooms - Nov 26, 2021
Luxurious & Versatile Rado Watches – Timeless Wedding Gifts that leave a lasting impression
The wedding season is around the corner and if you are out to make a memorable statement with your gift,...
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Bridesmaids - Apr 23, 2020
What are you Missing Most about Weddings in this Lockdown?
Some wedding shenanigans are just too funny to be missed at your own or your bestie's wedding. As we all...
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Bridesmaids - Nov 6, 2019
Check Out Hera’s Retro Photo Shoot in Bali with Her Brides Men!
If you are the only girl in a squad of all male besties, then getting married takes on a whole...
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Bridesmaids - Nov 5, 2019
Turn your bachelorette into a dream shopping spree with your besties in Paris!
The City of Love, Paris, is also the city of lights, history, fashion, gastronomy and so much more! With the...
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Bridesmaids - Dec 14, 2018
The Coolest Bridal Squads featured on WeddingSutra in 2018
At WeddingSutra, we love weddings. However, we have to admit we also love those fun-filled bachelorette trips that precede the...
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‘WeddingSutra on Location’ – Best Makeovers of 2018!
‘WeddingSutra on Location’ is one of our most popular platforms where brides-to-be get transformed with designer ensembles, accessories, styling and...
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Bridesmaids - Dec 12, 2018
Bridesmaid outfits that inspired us in 2018
At a wedding all eyes are on the bride, and with the bridesmaids around her at all times, they too...
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Bridesmaids - Dec 6, 2018
Priyanka’s Bridesmaids – Who Wore What
Priyanka’s squad has been by her side since the Quantico Alum announced her wedding plans with Nick Jonas. From the...
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Bridesmaids - Oct 30, 2018
Pritika and Mudit celebrate the end of singledom together in dreamy Dubai!
Having spent most of their childhood together, the two who decided to spend the rest of their lives together realized...
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Bridesmaids - Jun 25, 2018
Karen Tran and Ladurée Paris in Mumbai for Ambani Engagement
In 48 hours, Antilia, the world’s most expensive residence will open its grand doors to two magnificent celebrations. It’s two...
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Bridesmaids - Jun 7, 2018
Together Fur-ever: This is What a Dog Lover’s Wedding Looks Like
At her wedding bride, Ragini Mehra gave the phrase ‘puppy-love’ a whole new meaning. Everything about her wedding celebrations was...
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Cannes you handle all that glam?
Looking to Cannes as their lodestar, these gorgeous gangs are all about silver screen sophistication and allure on the Riviera....
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