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10+ Must-do Experiences for a Magical Honeymoon/ Holiday in The Maldives

Natural vistas, a relaxed pace, unique experiences, total privacy, thrilling adventures and luxurious stays – if these are your criterion for a magical and memorable honeymoon, then the Maldives fits the bill, and more.

Unwind in the exclusivity and tranquility of the “One Island – One Resort” policy in the Maldives that serves up unprecedented privacy, alongside natural social distancing for a safe and healthy experience. Nothing in the world can beat the charm of unique villas built over the waters of the ocean, specially curated underwater dining experiences, charming local culture, the best of adventure sports, and more. Here, we present 10 utterly unique experiences that you can enjoy in the Maldives, and whose memories you will cherish for a lifetime. Come and explore the sunny side of life!

Honeymoon/Holiday in The Maldives

Plush environs, privacy, professional services and pampering – it does not get better than the magical Maldives when it comes to luxurious getaways in unique accommodation options such as exotic overwater villas with pools, delectable private dining, exquisite views, and more. Imagine waking up to wonderful vistas from every corner of your villa, basking under the sun on your private deck or relaxing in your outdoor bathtub to cool off. Maldives is a heavenly haven that spoils visitors with the best the region has to offer and inspires couples to make beautiful memories there during their once-in-a-lifetime honeymoons.

Honeymoon/Holiday in The Maldives

Honeymoon/Holiday in The MaldivesPhoto Courtesy: The Lost Two (Left)

Treat your senses to the surreal beauty of marine life with accommodation choices, dining spots and rejuvenating spas that are situated under the blue waters of the ocean. Wake up to the colorful world of fish and coral at The Muraka Under-water Villa’s first-of-its-kind two-level luxury residence with a fully submerged master bedroom. Then, savor fine culinary fare at Ithaa, the world’s first underwater restaurant. Sample the wines at the Sea Underwater Restaurant (the first of its kind in the world), and shake a leg with the sharks and stingrays at SUBSIX Underwater Bar. The luxurious treatments at the Huvafen Underwater Spa will calm your body, mind and soul in a truly unique setting.

Honeymoon/Holiday in The MaldivesPhoto Courtesy: Conrad Maldives

For adventurous couples, a host of fun water sports and activities await you in the Maldives. Try deep sea diving, canoeing and paddle-boarding in some of the world’s clearest waters, or go snorkelling amidst the colorful coral reefs. Try your hand at windsurfing, kite surfing, and flyboarding for an adrenaline rush. An afternoon swimming with manta rays or whale sharks is sure to serve up memories for a lifetime. Also, we suggest you make time to visit previously inaccessible areas at high-end resorts such as Gili Lankanfushi, Anantara Dhigu, Kandima Maldives, Como Maalifushi, and Six Senses Laamu for luxury surfing trips.

Honeymoon/Holiday in The MaldivesPhoto Courtesy: Amilla Fushi, Anantara Dhigu

Combining luxury living with the novelty of cruises, liveaboards offer some truly unmatched experiences. Experience these remarkable floating resorts as your enjoy the colorful sights of the Maldivian islands, vibrant local culture, beach barbeques, snorkeling, diving and rejuvenating cruise spas. Scubaspa Yang, one of the most luxurious liveaboards in the world, is a mesmerizing blend of a dive boat and five-star wellness retreat.

Honeymoon/Holiday in The Maldives

Savor a luxury glamping experience in the Maldives by staying in a beautiful bubble tent. With a 360-degree view of the glittering stars, the inky darkness of the night skies and the music of the waves, you will feel connected to every aspect of nature that surrounds you. All the moments spent inside these transparent bubbles will be surreal, memorable, and totally private.

Honeymoon/Holiday in The MaldivesPhoto Courtesy: Jeremy Austiin and Missangievilla

Sunsets and romance go together, and the glorious vistas of a golden orb sinking into an azure sea every evening is especially spectacular in the Maldives. We recommend you book a speedboat and head out into the magnificent ocean to truly immerse yourselves in a golden sunset there from the vantage point of a sandbank spot.

Honeymoon/Holiday in The Maldives

From coconuts to seafood and local spices, Maldivian cuisine packs in fresh ingredients, traditional recipes, and exotic flavors. Savor fish and other seafood dishes prepared by your private chef at your villa, or simply curate a menu of your familiar, favorite treats as you head to a sandbank for a cozy dining experience.

Honeymoon/Holiday in The Maldives

Honeymoon/Holiday in The Maldives

The glorious technicolor backdrops of the ocean, skies and horizon form the perfect backdrop for a cinematic experience for a memorable date night on the beach. Just pick a romantic movie, and order your favorite picks from the dining menu, and enjoy an intimate outdoors movie session that beats any expensive multiplex experience hollow!

Forget boring buffet breakfasts! Instead, relish a gourmet meal that floats to you on a giant tray as you bask in your private pool at your overwater villa. And the beautiful Maldivian sunsets are perfect for enjoying champagne and a delicious array of treats over dinner on private floating platforms set up over the ocean.

Honeymoon/Holiday in The Maldives

Every adventure in the Maldives needs to be accompanied with relaxation – indulge yourselves with massage at a serene underwater spa as fish glide around you, or partake in a sunrise yoga session on a golden beach or on the deck of your luxury villa. Savor the expertise of trained therapists when you book a pampering and rejuvenating treatment that will leave you looking and feeling your best.

Honeymoon/Holiday in The Maldives

Honeymoon/Holiday in The Maldives

Soak in the otherworldly glow as the night-time ocean turns into a field of glowing stars, in the waters at Vaadhoo Island. The bioluminescent organisms – ostracod crustaceans – emit light that sets the beach ablaze like stars. This results in the phenomenon of the glowing beach.

Honeymoon/Holiday in The MaldivesPhoto Courtesy: Alamy

If you love spotting stars in the night sky, the stunning Overwater Observatory at Anantara Kihavah is the place to be! Maldives’ prime location above the equator allows both the northern and southern hemisphere’s stars to be visible at night, making stargazing all the more exciting. To set the mood, the observatory has a luxury cocktail bar, so you can hold hands, gaze up at the stars as you sip Champagne.

Honeymoon/Holiday in The MaldivesPhoto Courtesy: Anantara Kihavah

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