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10 reasons to say “I Do” in Switzerland.

An inimitable blend of striking natural beauty, history, and luxury – nothing quite compares to the allure of tying the knot amidst the romance and magic of Switzerland. From shimmering alpine lakes and blooming meadows to heritage estates, luxurious villas, and castles, the country is peppered with stunning locations in which couples across the globe dream of getting married.

However, beyond the breathtaking backdrops, the popular tourist and wedding destination has so much more to offer to those vying to host their celebrations in the country. Here are 10 reasons we think make Switzerland the ideal wedding destination.

1. A treasure trove of Instagrammable locations
One of the most picturesque wedding destinations in the world, the natural beauty, and abundance of different beautiful locations of Switzerland will leave you spoilt for choice when choosing your wedding venue. From idyllic lakefront hilltops to snow-capped mountain vistas, log cabins, dreamy alpine resorts, historic hotels and castles, churches, heritage estates, luxurious villas, rustic vineyards, and lush garden venues, you are certain to find the perfect backdrop for the wedding of your dreams.

10 reasons to say I Do in SwitzerlandPhoto Courtesy: The Wedding Story

10 reasons to say I Do in SwitzerlandPhoto Courtesy: Dominik Baur

2. A truly private affair
If an uber-exclusive event away from the eyes of the world is what you have in mind, this is your chance to tailor it exactly to suit your needs. Be it heritage estates or luxury hotels in the most stunning locations, most properties in Switzerland are boutique with a limited number of rooms, ideal for buy-out options. For distinguished families for whom NDAs is the norm and necessity to keep your special moments private, you can ensure you and your guests are undisturbed by intrusion as you celebrate.

10 reasons to say I Do in SwitzerlandPhoto Courtesy: Tehiya Narvel Events

3. Extraordinary Venues
Switzerland is without a doubt, one of the most sought-after wedding destinations in the world, largely because of the extraordinary venues across the length and breadth of the country. While there is no end to the kind of wedding you can host in this versatile location, here are some of the most beloved venue options and styles you can choose from.

Lakefront venues in Lake Lugano, Lake Lucerne, Lake Zurich, Lake Geneva, St. Moritz among others offer some of the most incredible views of sparkling waters, mysterious valleys, and lush mountains to frame your idyllic wedding celebrations. The Neoclassical style Chateau Villa Heleneum on the shores of Lake Lugano and the Art Nouveau style Hotel Villa Honegg high above Lake Lucerne with its incredible panoramic views are worthy options.

Historic Hotels and Castles across this splendid land are home to some of the dreamiest weddings. Get a taste of royalty with a celebration at Hunigen Castle near Bern, Meggenhorn Castle by Lake Lucerne, Schadau Castle near Lake Thun, and Grandson Castle among others. Imbibe your festivities with old-world luxury at the Heritage properties of Badrutt’s Palace and Kulm Hotel in St. Moritz, and Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel in Interlaken.

Magic of Mountains and snow-capped peaks has drawn people to the Swiss Alps from across the world from time immemorial, and is without a doubt one of the most ethereal places in the world to tie the knot. Explore luxury ski resort towns like Gstaad abound with stunning venues such as the Alpina Gstaad Hotel, or the iconic Matterhorn Glacier Paradise for a snowy celebration with pristine backdrops. Some other locations worth noting are Muottas Muragl in Engadin Valley and Burgenstock Hotel & Resort near Lake Lucerne for picturesque revelries.

Farmhouses can be quite the fairytale setting, with rustic architecture and lush surroundings, exploring the inimitable charm of rural Swiss landscape. The Bächlihof in Rapperswil-Jona is the perfect location for an intimate romantic wedding all year round, while the magnificent renovated farm of Portes des Iris in the sprawling estate of Château de Vullierens can host a grand celebration with hundreds of guests.

Garden Hotels and Venues offer a refreshing taste of the lush Swiss landscape ideal of an arresting summer wedding. The iconic Baur au Lac, Beau-Rivage Palace, Fairmont le Montreux Palace, and Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola are some of the prettiest locations for an enchanting garden wedding. Head to Giardino Verde, an exotic haven of unique gardens and greenhouses full of tropical plants for a whimsical celebration.

Sprawling Vineyards around heritage estates and castles offer the perfect mix of rustic charm and historic grandeur. The terraced vineyards of the UNESCO region Lavaux, Château d’Aigle, and Wildegg Castle are among the many stunning venues across the country surrounded by Vineyards for a chic, intimate ceremony.

Belle Epoque boats are your answer to a truly unique wedding experience for you and your guests. Navigate beautiful water bodies like Lake Constance and Lake Geneva with your wedding party aboard any of CGN’s fleet of both modern and Belle Epoque boats for a taste of maritime celebration, complete with an unusual ceremony and dinner reception.

Tranquil Churches dating back several centuries are available across the country for a grand traditional wedding experience. Explore the 19th-century French Church of Eglise au Bois and the Church of San Gian in St. Moritz for their striking architecture.

10 reasons to say I Do in SwitzerlandPhoto Courtesy: The Wedding Story

10 reasons to say I Do in SwitzerlandPhoto Courtesy: Dominik Baur

4. Great Connectivity from India
This tourist-friendly destination is easily accessible from India with Swiss International Airlines operating daily direct flights from Delhi and Mumbai. It offers the comfort of first, business and economy class with great Swiss hospitality, Indian crew and Indian cuisine. Options of flying by various other European & Middle Eastern airlines are also available across Indian cities such as Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, and more, as well as charter flights for an exclusive experience. Choose from direct, nonstop or connecting flights to Zürich and Geneva as per the proximity of your intended destinations, and hop on to the seamless road and train transport with stunning views for a picturesque trip to your hotel. Switzerland is known for welcoming travelers, great connectivity to all parts of the world, and great amenities for special or extra needs, which are convenient for older family members and guests.

5. Gorgeous locations for every weather
With a large selection of geographical locations brimming with natural beauty in various seasons, Switzerland is a rare wedding destination that is bound to have the perfect venue for any weather. Host a sunny garden or vineyard wedding during the summer, or the perfect winter wonderland wedding framed against some magical snowfall, misty lakes, or mountains.

10 reasons to say I Do in SwitzerlandPhoto Courtesy: Bears Collective

10 reasons to say I Do in SwitzerlandPhoto Courtesy: Gabriel Oswald Photography

6. Live out your Bollywood dreams
As Indians, we have grown up on the magical Alpine vistas and romance of snow-capped mountains of Switzerland so often portrayed in our favorite Bollywood movies and songs, dreaming of the day we could star in our own little fairytale atop the Alps with the love of our lives. What could be more satisfying to live out that dream with your own Swiss wedding, creating memories that will last a lifetime?

10 reasons to say I Do in SwitzerlandPhoto Courtesy: AbhiSakshi Photography

10 reasons to say I Do in SwitzerlandPhoto Courtesy: Monica Tarocco Photography

7. Covid compliant travel destination
Cautiously accessible to travelers from across Europe and the rest of the world, Switzerland has opened doors to all of its hotels with stringent health protocols in place, which will ensure a safe, yet memorable celebration. Check for the “Clean and Safe” label in any property you choose, to know that it follows the correct safety protocols in place approved and supported by Switzerland Tourism.

Switzerland is also one of the few countries in Europe open to Indian tourists, making it the ideal choice for a dreamy destination wedding.

8. Simply jump onto your honeymoon
One of the best reasons to pick Switzerland as your wedding destination is that it is also the ultimate honeymoon destination. Just extend your visit to include a romantic getaway with your new spouse or even a staycation or familymoon with your loved ones. From exploring the country’s art and history to trekking, adventure sports, snow-related activities, and more, you will never run out of things to do. Moreover, the country is dotted with some of the most incredible stay experiences such as bubble rooms and suites with a 360-degree view, outdoor rooms, tree tents, mountain huts, and more. Every moment spent there is bound to be imprinted in your memory forever.

10 reasons to say I Do in Switzerland

10 reasons to say I Do in Switzerland

9. Host of event planners at your service
While you will have a number of local event planners at the ready there to welcome you, Switzerland also is a favorite of Indian wedding planners and travel curators. The popular destination is loved by all for its ease of travel, amenities, luxurious hospitality, and a dizzying range of venue options. Switzerland is the ultimate wedding destination not just for couples but also planners, and for good reason!

10 reasons to say I Do in SwitzerlandPhoto Courtesy: The Wedding Story

10. Delectable gastronomy
Being one of the most sought-after luxury travel and wedding destinations worldwide, Switzerland attracts travelers from across the world and caters to a diverse and discerning taste palette. With the popularity of Indian weddings in Switzerland on the rise, you are sure to find a host of International cuisines as well as delicious Indian fare at most venues to suit the palette of your guests, including dietary preferences specific to your culture. Moreover, the bounty of Swiss Cheese and Chocolate varieties on offer is sure to add to the sweetness of your celebrations.

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