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2020 Wedding Trends by Meghna Mirpuri of Keeran The Wedding Planner

Due to the prevailing global COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of weddings have been impacted around the world. We spoke to Meghna Mirpuri, of Keeran The Wedding Planner, about how she sees nuptials, and related celebrations, evolving in the future and what trends we can expect to see.

Meghna Mirpuri of Keeran The Wedding Planner

What’s the one trend that will be big in 2020?
“The coronavirus pandemic has definitely humbled us to rethink how we as humans have to be conscious about our home, Earth. Green, eco-friendly and sustainable weddings are a trend that we see coming through strong by the end of this year. We believe there will also be a strong awareness about zero waste management.”

How will the Coronavirus pandemic change the way Indian families plan weddings?
“The current global scenario has been an eye-opening experience with regards to things such as priorities, actions, and choices. It has not only taught us to be more considerate of our society and environment, but also to live our dreams instead of putting them off for the future. A collective consciousness will build towards using all resources efficiently and to remember that enjoying with your loved ones is what matters most.”

What would you want to tell clients who are worried about the COVID-19 situation?
“This too shall pass. Postpone, Don’t Cancel. Communicate and work with your planners to coordinate moving dates with the venues and vendors. Teamwork is the best way to come out of this as winners. Use this time to do research and create a blueprint for the kind of wedding you would like to have with your wedding designer/planner.”

What is the easiest way to be more eco-friendly while hosting a wedding?
“Couples can opt to avoid single-use plastic completely, send eco-friendly invitations, and donate flowers to a local old age home or make compost out of them.”

What advice would you give to couples who don’t know what kind of wedding they want?
“While some couples have a definitive idea of what they want, many find it a bit challenging to express their vision and desires, which is where we come in. We follow a process to help them visualize a celebration that would be a reflection of them. Setting a budget first and foremost also helps determine the size and feel of your wedding. Ideate with your Wedding planner and designer to find what options appeal to you the most. Inspiration can come from anywhere. Through conversations and brainstorming sessions with our clients, we understand what a couple desires, and can work from there.”

How would you describe your working style in three words?
“Marriage is an age-old institution, but weddings are dynamic and ever-evolving, changing with times to incorporate new trends and a couple’s distinctive style. I personally love how each and every wedding is unique, and I would say my approach is experiential, innovative and out of the box!”

What wedding movie inspires you the most?
“As a wedding planner, I have always loved the 2001 movie ‘Monsoon Wedding.'”

Which are your favorite destinations to host Indian Weddings?
“Indians have always loved the glamour and intrigue of travelling to exotic locations for a grand celebration. I have always loved Istanbul and Phuket for Indian weddings, and once normalcy returns, I see a rise in weddings in these locations.”

Which organizations would you love your clients to support from the WeddingSutra Charity Registry?
“While all the charities supported by WeddingSutra Charity Registry are doing incredibly commendable work, I especially admire the efforts of WWF-India, Save the Children and Snehalaya, and wish more of my clients would contribute to them.”

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