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5 Tips To Improve Your Chances of Getting Featured on WeddingSutra

WeddingSutra – the most popular resource on Wedding Planning for Indians around the world – is all about you!

From your engagement and wedding memories, love stories and memorable honeymoons, we love hearing from couples who want to be featured on our website, and pick stories we receive after a careful selection process. We believe that every couple’s story that we publish on WeddingSutra has the power to inspire another couple starting out on the same journey – and that’s what motivates us to get better every year.

However, we do not publish every story or all photos that we receive. After a careful assessment, our editorial panel chooses few stories that make it to the website and select photos which make it to our social media pages (Instagram, Facebook).

We get lots of email queries and submissions from couples about their beautiful experiences daily via email. For example, one reader wrote to us, asking “My fiance wants our wedding to be featured on WeddingSutra, and I know you must be deluged with submissions. Is there a possibility of our nuptials getting featured?”

This email reflects what a lot of couples want to know – what should they do to get featured on WeddingSutra? The good news? It’s a very simple process, and if you follow the five important tips below, you improve your chances of getting picked to be featured – which trust us, is a lot of fun! These tips have been compiled by our social media and editorial teams, so take note below:

Step 1- Share your story on ‘Just Engaged’
Our ‘Just Engaged’ album on Facebook features couples who are soon to be married. Whether it is a professionally shot photo or a candid moment of you two, share your ‘How We Met’ story with us on ‘Just Engaged’.

How to Submit:

  1. a. Email a photo of two of you (high resolution & professionally shot) to editor@weddingsutra.com
  2. b. Write a little about both of you (where you work and live)
  3. c. How you met and fell in love
  4. d. Engagement & Wedding Dates

Professional Photographers can also contribute to this section by sending in photos of their clients from the formal engagement ceremony or pre-wedding shoots.


Step 2- Spend some time on ‘Real Weddings‘ section on our blog, and browse the different albums on Facebook to understand how other recently-weds have shared their story/ experiences

See your dream wedding, honeymoon or even bridal looks featured in sections such as Real Destination Weddings, Featured Weddings, Real Bride Real Style and Real Honeymoons. Your memories will be beautifully presented by us according to a defined format and we bet you will love reliving the memories even years later with every click.

How to Submit:

  1. a. Spend time on our ‘Real Weddings’ and ‘Real Honeymoons” section on our blog to understand the content of weddings featured.
  2. b. To submit your experience for consideration, send the following information about your wedding/honeymoon to editor@weddingsutra.com
    • Make sure you mention your location
    • Contact numbers
    • Wedding date
    • Attach 3-5 images that you feel represent your wedding best (no larger than 2MB each)


Step 3- Brief your Wedding Photographer

We instantly fall in love with beautifully framed and candidly shot photos by wedding photographers. So we recommend you brief your photographer beforehand about the photos you are looking for to get featured on WeddingSutra. Keep this photo checklist handy.


Step 4- Write to us after your wedding. Share 8-10 photos from your wedding and your honeymoon

After receiving the photos from your photographer, write to us with basic details like your names, wedding date, location and function themes, along with 8-10 selected photos from the entire wedding. A combination of a shot each of the pre-wedding shoot, mehndi, haldi, cocktail, sangeet, pheras, reception and decor is perfect to start with.


Step 5- Enjoy the love & attention from our readers

Congratulations on getting featured on WeddingSutra.com! The day your dream wedding is featured on the website or blog, you will receive a confirmation email from our team with respect to changes or replacement of photos if required. We make sure you are excited to have your wedding published across our channels as you get to share your day and vision with other to-be-weds.


Get set and write to us with your submission at editor@weddingsutra.com

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