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7 Unique Wedding Invitations from Our Favorite Invite Designers

From a traditional kalamkari inspired wedding card showcasing a bride’s accomplishment as a Bharatnatyam dancer to a quirky hot-pink one that evokes wild bougainvillea, we chose the most aesthetically designed wedding invites that seep deep in the narrative!

Of Traditions and Culture
With floral patterns interwoven with traditional elements, this wedding invitation card by Itchha Talreja showcased South Indian culture and paid tribute to the bride, a classical dance exponent. Itchha Talreja explains, “The family wanted their unique tastes and culture mirrored on the wedding card. The bride is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and wanted us to include that in the marriage invite. We decided to embellish the card with a temple watermark, gold bells, diyas, chandeliers and filigree horses to reflect the unique flavor of a South Indian Wedding.”

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Wedding Invitations

A walk through a Vintage Garden
Weddings are about memories and this particular invite by Kankotri was meant to evoke visions of paradise on earth that transcended time using dreamy water color paintings and wild bougainvillea. Wedding Invite Designer Meen Vora says, “The bride wanted to take her guests back to a vintage garden of bougainvillea shrubs, in an Indian setting. We did a lot of research into every detail specified by the bride. She wanted something very mystic, serene and romantic that guests would safely treasure as a beautiful memoir.”

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Wedding Invitations

Pop Culture and Art
The days of cliché elephants, lotuses and peacocks as motifs are gone. Ramya Ramaswamy has earned a great reputation from her quirky wedding invitation cards. Here, the talented wedding invite designer took the couple’s passion for football and dance and projected it with an edgy pop culture twist. Designed to resemble a boarding pass, the invitation was inscribed with Warli art. Says Ramya, “The couple wanted the wedding invitation to reflect their personalities and look classy. The bride was a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and the groom, a crazy football fan. We fused both their personalities in a traditional Kalamkari style to give a modern twist to the color palette.”

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Wedding Invitations

Luxury and Extravagance
This masterpiece by Ozel Designs elevates the joy and anticipation of receiving an invitation. Couched in a luxurious box that contains jars of rose cashews, silver rock candy, Kesar and black currant almonds with customized name labels, it is sexy and delightful. Wedding Invitation Designer Dipansh Bhasin explains, “The bride and the groom wanted to make the guests feel truly special and thus, this arty box was designed to reflect the sheer luxury and splendor of their wedding. The entire invite was embossed in rose quartz paper and even had event inserts printed in real gold.”

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Wedding Invitations

Tagore and Physics
Ipshita is from Kolkata and Som is from Bihar and their wedding invitation card combined art and literature from their hometowns. The design team at Pink Whistle Man managed this brilliantly! Founder Ranjani says, “We wanted to steer clear of the stereotypical ‘Two States’ references. So we decided to include ancient letters of Rabindranath Tagore with Madhubani illustrations using Math and Physics equations. To add to the keepsake value of the wedding invitation, a bookmark (since they are also voracious readers) with the caricatures of the couple was also used to tie the invitation together.” The quirky wedding card not only provided a succinct overview of their interests to their guests but was also reflected in matching wedding stationery.

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Wedding Invitations

Cartoon Striped Epiphany!
A funny love story asks for a funny invitation. The creative team at Ponz Happy Life Designs wanted to bring the couple’s humorous take on the start of their journey to the guests. Wedding Card Designer Ponmozhi explains, “We were surprised when we heard that the groom hadn’t even had a chance to meet the bride alone even once! So we took the idea further by designing a cartoon-strip invitation with realistic sketches that includes the family members and venue descriptions. The highlight was the customized envelope that slowly unveiled their hilarious love story which I am sure would have left their guests in splits!”

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Wedding Invitations

The Royal Elegance
Wedding invitations tell a story and set the tone for the celebration. To create a truly memorable experience, Natalie Mankani from Sketch Design Studio came up with a Mughal- inspired theme to celebrate Nayantara and Ali’s wedding at the Taj Falaknuma in Hyderabad. Inspired by the Nawabi splendor Natalie carved the couple’s love story out in gold patterns and floral work designs for their Sangeet, Nikaah, and Walima ceremony invites.

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Wedding Invitations

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