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A royal wedding needs a fitting palace, and this couple’s nuptial celebrations were no less than a fairy tale

Set against the ornate architecture of the beguiling ITC Grand Bharat, the festivities, planned by Theme Weavers Designs upholding all COVID-19 norms and rules were designed with intricate, distinct themes, the breathtaking pictures of which are sure to make it on your Pinterest board!

Varmala setup

Sangeet Night
An infinity shaped wedding logo welcomed everyone to the Sangeet at Prithvi Hall, in a perfect metaphor for the “Infinite Love” theme for the event. Arrangements of flowers and pampas grass juxtaposed with fluid metal structures for a futuristic yet timeless look, while large silver balls, silver backdrops and crystals evoked the magic of the cosmos to the evening, further playing upon the concept of Infinite. Delectable Rajasthani fare with a Mongolian barbeque delighted the guests’ taste buds.

breath taking decor for sangeet
breath taking decor for sangeet

infinity love theme
flower arrangements

Mehendi Lunch
The poolside mehndi lunch was a burst of sunshine, with citrus hues enveloping the festivities in their cheer. Reminiscent of Spanish Ravello patterns, the blue and white designs and water structures were beautifully contrasted by the radiance and freshness of sunflowers, oranges and lemons everywhere. The food served followed a carnival fare, with various food stations centered around the classic and prominent street foods of the region.

Poolside Mehndi

citrus hues
spanish patterns

Poolside Mehndi
Poolside Mehndi

Korath and Procession
An age-old tradition followed in Marwari families, the Korath saw gorgeous floral décor, embellishing the stunning traditional architecture of the Central Gazebo. Since this ceremony was scheduled at the golden hour, a combination of brocades and jasmine flowers was used to give the high-tea event a breezy yet elegant look.


Inspired by the beautiful journey of a little girl blooming into a woman, the varmala event saw a beautiful concept aisle flanked by floral edges and metallic structures designed to reflect the progression of a bud blooming into a flower. This led to a statement, contemporary structure of red flowers and gleaming gold columns where the couple exchanged garlands. The decadent décor of red flowers graced the entire wedding, including the long table seating for the reception dinner.

Red and Gold decor

Evoking a glitterazzi ambience, the Reception saw stunning décor of roses and gold, with all shimmering walls as backdrops. Maroon blooms with rose gold finish accentuated the décor design. The guests were treated to rich Bukhara and Dumpukht style cuisine.

roses and gold decor

photo booth
maroon blooms with rose gold finish

dinner table setup

Venue: ITC Grand Bharat, Delhi NCR
Wedding Planners: Theme Weavers Designs
Photography: Shutterdown

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