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Add Instant Glamour With Chokers

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If you would like to add glamour to your Wedding outfit, there is no need to add layer after layer of necklaces. An intricately crafted choker will instantly up your glamour quotient and here are some of our favorite pieces from Tanishq’s elegant and stunning bridal collection.

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This exclusive 22K Yellow gold Open polki Necklace set truly reveals the sheen of Diamond chakris cased in gold to give a raw yet rich look. The unique diamond setting techniques grace the rows of radiant flowers, with a hint of color using pink and Green tourmalines, perfect to adorn the neck of every bride.


This delightful neckwear set is inspired from the purity of the lotus flower. The Lotus flower is an integral element of the Indian wedding ceremonies. The highlight of this intricate glass kundan piece is the rare and meticulous pink and white enamel work.


This gorgeous design takes inspiration from the beautiful Indian paisley. Each tiny gold unit is a unique combination of multiple textured die stamps, bringing volume and life to the motifs.


This intricate design is the translation of Mehndi into jewellery. The fine craftsmanship using textured stamp elements along with delicate wire work brings the motifs of mehndi to life.

Tanishq branding banner

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