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Baghvan- A Heavenly Experience

Nikita Azad and Sandeep Kamath from Mumbai wanted a very unique locale for their pre-wedding shoot;. When they heard about Taj Safaris Jungle Lodges in Madhya Pradesh they knew it can’t get more fun and interesting than this. Nikita blogs about their stay there.

Even ten days after we are back, it’s hard to get over the beauty and serenity of Baghvan, simply because once you have set foot in the lodge in the middle of a jungle, real life seems dull and boring. This feeling may be a result of the pampering by the amazing staff at Baghvan, or the delicious food (especially the ‘out of the world’ paneer dishes) and the Safari through Pench National Park with breakfast in the jungle; or the fact that there is no television or mobile connectivity in the cottages
that allow us to really ‘take a break’ from ‘real life’ to have a ‘real vacation’. Our experience of all of this and more over a period of two days at Baghvan was enough to make us fall in love with Baghvan and with each other, all over again. Yes, it’s that kind of a place – a place that can magically turn someone as conservative as my fiancé, into a blatant romantic, and I wasn’t going to complain about that.

The Cottages
Each cottage has been designed and decorated for luxury and has the jungle all around it. My favorite place in the cottage was the Machaan. With our schedule and the photo shoot we spent very less time there, but even that one hour was magical. The greenery that pours into the open Machaan from all four sides has a certain charm that only nature can bring. Add the chirping of birds, the swish of the trees, the rustling of leaves and the gorgeous morning winter sunshine to the scene and it can make a twenty year old long for retirement and spend every single living moment up there. All I could do was imagine myself looking into the wilderness with my laptop in front of me and write. All day long!

The Safari
In the middle of the hectic schedule, we were able to make time and experience the Safari, because really, it would be a shame to visit one of the Taj Safari Lodges and miss on that. The whole experience was not only enchanting– what with being in the forest even before sunrise, it was also very educational. Our Naturalist, Sajith Ponnappa, explained to us in great detail about the laws and hierarchy of the jungle kingdom, the habits and characteristics of the predators, various bird and animal calls, and answered every question we had. It was amazing to see how the animals were nonchalant about our presence and walked along the jungle casually while we were enamored by their existence.

Romantic Dining
One of the highlights of our trip was the dinner in an absolutely romantic setting with lanterns and candles. It was one of the most memorable moments of the trip.

The After Effects
Like all good things, this experience too had to come to an end. Saying goodbye to Baghvan was like leaving paradise and as much as it hurts to come back home, we had to. As I said earlier, it has been ten days since we’re back and we’re still mesmerized by the whole experience and I don’t see ourselves getting over it anytime sooner. We can’t wait to go back and visit the three other Safari lodges and live in paradise again.

Photography by- Dev Purbiya

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