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Bollywood’s favorite DJ and Celebrity performer DJ Ganesh shares his musical journey

From sizzling beats taking the dancefloor by storm to soulful wedding chants, DJ Ganesh’s dynamic musical prowess and power to enthrall the senses have firmly established him in the wedding entertainment biz as one of the most sought-after DJs with rising fame. An extremely passionate artist, he has soared to new heights with elite events, Bollywood bashes and several A-list weddings that include Isha Ambani’s engagement party, Poorna Patel and Namit Soni’s wedding, Karan Johar’s 50th birthday and much more.

With musical offerings that extend far beyond traditional DJ sets, DJ Ganesh caters to every taste and vision, with global experience in over 30 countries. Today, he takes us through his journey of success as well as his hopes for the future of wedding entertainment.

DJ Ganesh

Tell us a bit about your journey? What inspired you to become a DJ?
I started my musical journey in 2007 at Willingdon Sports Club, one of South Bombay’s oldest and most prestigious clubs. As I got to know more about rock and retro music, I was fascinated by the culture. I felt compelled to pursue it and started researching more about the field, and came across a biopic of Dj Armin Van Buuren, which ultimately sparked in me the passion to become a DJ.

How would you describe your vibe/style of music? Who/what has been your biggest artistic influence?
Music is always evolving, and the best DJs embrace the versatility and range of genres to customize their sets to different events, so I wouldn’t limit myself to any particular style. When it comes to weddings, I do love to play Bollywood music as that energizes any crowd and brings them to the dance floor. I also love House music and do live mashups in between my sets.

I greatly admire DJ James Hype for his experimentation with genres and listen to his mixes very often. I even include a few of his edits in my sets.

DJ Ganesh

Tell us about some of the challenges you faced when you first started. How did they help you evolve as an artist?
Getting into the field definitely isn’t a walk in the park, especially when you have no prior connections to it, but with a lot of hard work, dedication and God’s grace I slowly built up my knowledge and experience. My residency at Willingdon Sports Club gave me my break and laid the foundation for everything I am today. I also got a lot of support and guidance from fellow DJs, especially DJ Rohit Pawar.

Walk us through the process of curating a playlist for any wedding or function. How do you improvise as per the mood/vibe?
Firstly I and my team understand the theme and ambiance of the occasion, along with the client’s tastes and vision. We take inspiration from their references, current trends, and personal preferences to curate playlists tailored to that specific occasion. We also remix their favorite tracks or curate a special theme song to add a truly personal touch to each wedding. In the case of multiple functions for the same wedding, we create playlists with different genres and moods to suit the vibe of each function and keep things non-repetitive and interesting. Be it Bollywood bashes with live mashups that get everyone to the dance floor or serene wedding chants that beautifully accentuate the rituals, our goal is to make every occasion memorable and unique. Every wedding is a learning experience and helps me hone my sets for the next one.

You have played for many notable clients in the business and entertainment world, including Karan Johar, the Ambanis, the Bachchans and many more. Tell us about what it is like to play for such audiences. How have those experiences helped you as an artist?
Working in the entertainment industry has gifted me with amazing opportunities to work with some of the biggest names in the country, for which I feel incredibly grateful. I got the chance to DJ for Karan Johar, which was the biggest Bollywood party I have ever played for, and the appreciation I got from him and so many others there felt surreal. I recently performed at Kunal Rawal and Arpita Mehta’s wedding at Taj, and will also be performing at Richa Chadha and Ali Faizal’s wedding in October. While such experiences have surely boosted my confidence, they also feed my passion and drive me to work and aim even higher.

DJ Ganesh
DJ Ganesh
DJ Ganesh
DJ Ganesh

Tell us about the most memorable wedding experience.
Every wedding I have worked on has been memorable, but the one that I can never forget was in Lake Como. Hosted in a stunning villa with the backdrop of the lake, it was an outstanding experience to perform there. Getting to travel across the globe and experience such fabulous locations and celebrations is one of the things I love most about my job.

What do you think of the current and future trends in the wedding entertainment industry?
With the effects of the Pandemic receding and people’s built-up craving for enjoyment and entertainment, the upcoming wedding season is sure to be explosive. I have already started working with International artists like Saxophonists, Violinists, Percussionists and more to take my sets to the next level. With advanced technology being used in weddings in visuals like projection mapping, 3D animations, laser shows, etc., performances are going to be a lot more dazzling. Another trend that is popular now and is bound to continue is award show-themed Sangeet and Reception events, as people are absolutely loving the red-carpet experience.

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