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“Brides don’t buy Jewellery to store in safety vaults” says The Queen of Style

Anyone interested in Fashion & Society people would be curious to know more about Queenie Singh. After all, the former model turned jewellery designer is one of India’s hippest fashionistas. We met Queenie at her boutique ‘Jewels by Queenie’ at Peddar Road in South Mumbai.

Q- Your new collection previews at your store on August 21st. Which other cities are you exhibiting in?
I am travelling extensively from later this month till October. ‘Jewels by Queenie’ is exhibiting at Indore, Delhi and Chandigarh, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai, Singapore and Dubai. I don’t usually participate in larger exhibitions (except Araaish in Mumbai and Bride in Dubai), I prefer hosting exclusive exhibitions where I can meet clients interested in Timeless Jewellery. I must emphasise that the majority of my clients are not the super-rich, or those looking for very expensive jewellery. Nor are they looking for jewellery for special occasions only. My clients are women who love jewellery and who believe in wearing jewellery that can be seen, or paired beautifully with chic ensembles!

Q- What are brides interested in buying? And what is the question most of them ask you?
The days of a bride wearing jewellery from head-to-toe is gone; for most special occasions, they want to wear one or two big pieces. My creations are classic, elegant and versatile, which can be worn during the wedding celebrations or later. Me, or for that matter my clients, don’t believe in buying jewellery pieces to be stored in the safety vaults; we like to quickly wear what we buy and experiment with teaming it with different types of clothes.

Today, when it comes to jewellery, brides have many options— there are so many jewellery designers and exclusive jewellery boutiques. But I presume their interaction with me would be different from their interaction at other spaces— they seek my advice on their ‘look’. This is one question I am asked by brides in all cities. Advice on what would look good- not just jewellery, but clothes and make-up too!

Q- Do you find a big difference in the tastes in different cities?
When clients visit my SoBo store or my exhibition, they come looking for contemporary statement pieces. So there is not much difference in what I sell in Chennai or Delhi. What is bought is an array of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces- they are bold, sit well and distinctly Queenie. Brides are usually interested in diamond necklaces and big bracelets.

Q- Tell us a little about more about how you manage your super-hectic life.
Jewellery Designing is my main focus, but I also enjoy hosting parties and writing regularly. I enjoy multi-tasking and it has always upped my energy and enthusiasm levels. Thanks to my exhibitions in different cities in India I get a chance to visit local markets and try different local foods. Meeting so many different people of different communities has helped me grow as a person.

To relax and unwind I go for a long evening walk with my son or daughter or a close friend, and I try to meditate or do yoga every day.

Queenie Singh exhibition is on 21st August, 2012 (Timing 11.00 am to 7.00 pm).
Jewels by Queenie Store, New Poornima Apartments, C-Wing, Peddar Road, Mumbai


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