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Brides, Feel Aristrocratic with Savoir Faire Academie’s Bridal Grooming and Social Etiquette Service

The Art of Style and Sophistication
Luxury Finishing School Savoir Faire Academie trains individuals to create the best first impression with social etiquette, communication skills and grooming which have become very vital in both personal and professional spheres today.

Savoir Faire Academie was founded in 2013 by Konkana Bakshi, a former Miss Elegance World winner, who trained with the Swiss Finishing School in Geneva and the London Image Institute.

Savoir Faire Academie

Based in Mumbai, the company is affiliated with the exclusive Royal British Etiquette Institution and offers innovative courses that package social etiquette, styling, communication skills and tasteful deportment. The ‘Bridal Grooming’ package helps brides create a positive impression as they step into a new role in their lives. Founder Konkana shares, “Every bride enters a new home and family where the aspirations and protocols may differ from that of her own. I believe that modern brides must be complete women who the new families should delight to share their lives with.”

Social Etiquette Services
The popular ‘Social Etiquette’ package for women and brides by Savoir Faire Academie empowers them with sophistication and social graces. For example, clients are taught hosting skills for an elegant afternoon high tea soiree or a classy dinner invitation, depending on their image and needs. These sessions are conducted at different venues around the city. Clients are also taught how to personalize their ‘brand’ through different ways to exude good taste and refinement – be it through using customized stationery or dinner crockery.

Bridal Grooming Services
Savoir Faire Academie’s bespoke ‘Bridal Grooming’ package includes 24 private consultation sessions where brides interact directly with Konkana and experts handpicked by her. The sessions include image transformation through grooming, personal styling, and nutrition; interpersonal skills with techniques of verbal and non-verbal communication; a pre-marriage counseling session and photoshoot where a bride’s comprehensive transformation is captured.

Real bride Nehal Modi speaks:
A client of Savoir Faire Academie, Nehal Modi shares, “What was amazing about my ‘Bridal Grooming’ sessions with Konkana was the two-way communication which eased my stress when it came to styling. She incorporated my ideas when suggesting colors, cuts, and designs for my outfits as well as my hairdos. Talking to her was so easy that it really felt like besides my stylist and grooming consultant, she was also my elder sister. Konkana was involved and always available throughout the day to help me plan my wedding. I wish I had met her earlier! There is so much knowledge she has to offer which makes learning from her an enriching experience.”

Website: www.savoirfaireacademie.in
Number: +919930274934

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