Contemporary and Chic Wedding Jewellery

Every Indian wedding is incomplete without jewellery. Whether it is the friends or family or the bride herself, jewellery creates the aura of cheerfulness and warmth around one and all. Today, brides look for chic and contemporary looking jewellery, keeping this in mind, Sangini and Gili have some very eclectic designs- modern looking pieces that capture the essence of the sacred rituals.

Make a spectacular statement with Gili’s Wedding Collection. Each piece has a magnetic appeal that spells sophistication and indulgence.

Price Range: 1,70,000 onwards
Availability: Gili World & Gili counters in all major retail stores.

Complete your bridal outfit with Sangini’s beautiful and intricate jewellery.

Price Range: 1,03,700 onwards
Availability: Sangini shop in shops in all major retail stores

2 Responses to “Contemporary and Chic Wedding Jewellery”

  1. bridal jewellery Says:

    Really nice color combination.
    Jewelry helps to improve your overall self-image. therefore if wearing bridal jewellery allows you to feel better about yourself then that gives you a boost in self-confidence.

  2. Wedding Shoes by Unze Says:

    These jewellery pieces are very good and its very good that you add the prices and stores info with pics.


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