Why Daddy’s little girl didn’t want a Destination Wedding

Karishma and Ishaan’s wedding was unique in many ways, but what set her nuptials apart was the intention that shaped some of the biggest days of her life. All set to have a destination wedding, when the bride’s father was diagnosed with cancer, the couple decided to celebrate in her hometown instead. And they did – together as a family – in Mumbai at The Palace Hall Ballrooms, NSCI with stunning decor by WeddingSutra Favorite Samani Decorators.

Karishma shares her story and leaves us inspired.

Karishma and Ishaan

The couple met through mutual friends and fell in love almost instantly. Karishma says, “We knew that this was something special and three days after seeing each other for the first time, we started dating! Our friends thought we were crazy but to me, this was a fairytale.”

Hearts grew fonder and on a relaxed evening, Ishaan popped the question. Karishma remembers, “We were having dinner at Cafe Marina, a rooftop cafe and discussing a couple of things when Ishaan out of nowhere asked me to marry him. He quoted a dialogue from one of my favorite movies. It was so perfect I just had to say yes. It was so candid that I knew whatever else he said came straight from his heart.”

Karishma and Ishaan

And so began the preparations for the big day but there was a shadow that fell. Karishma says, “We were supposed to have a luxurious destination wedding. We visited venues and were very close to finalizing the location when my father was detected with stage four cancer.” The news brought some big changes to their wedding arrangements and a composed Karishma began revising her plans. She says, “Not only was the news devastating but it also meant heavy expenses for the family in the times to come. I just didn’t have the heart to take this money that could be used for his treatment and splurge on my wedding. Moreover, we knew that while he was being treated in the city and given his health, my father would be more comfortable attending a wedding close to home.”

When they started looking for venues in the city, The Palace Hall Ballrooms at NSCI caught their attention. She says, “We had been at The Palace Hall Ballrooms at NSCI about a year before we started considering that as a wedding option and decided to revisit the venue.” On their recce, the couple immediately saw the potential the ballrooms had, “It was perfect. The layout was nice, the decor was beautiful and it was easily accessible from my home. I could picture what a function in full swing would look like and on our wedding day, with the help of our decorators, it was transformed into the prettiest indoor garden.”

Karishma and Ishaan
Karishma and Ishaan

Weddings, like any big affair, are often a result of a collective effort. Karishma says everyone, all of their friends and family came together to help them put up her functions. She’s also vocal about the team at NSCI and how helpful they were, “The administration team is so supportive and very practical. We truly enjoyed working with them and they did all that they could to make the process easier for us. We even got our decorator and caterers through them, both of whom made sure that our needs and demands were well taken care of.”

Karishma and Ishaan
Karishma and Ishaan
Karishma and Ishaan
Karishma and Ishaan
Karishma and Ishaan

Elaborating further she says “Samani Decorators were the ones who helped with the setup and they paid great attention to detail. By this time, I had turned into Bridezilla but the team was very cooperative and reassuring. They really went above and beyond to make my big day memorable. Even our caterers were phenomenal. They understood our tastes and preferences well and even gave us tips on how we could make our menu more cost-effective. The best part? The food was simply delicious and all our guests were talking about it.”

Karishma chose all her other vendors carefully and put together a team that would leave no stone unturned to make this day special for her, “I got my wedding cards made by Ikon, who must have shown me some 150 odd cards before I picked one and they were so patient through it all. My makeup artist was Bianca B who didn’t only create looks that matched my personality but became a friend when she helped me calm down on my wedding day by just talking to me. Even our photographers were very understanding and did a great job at capturing the best moments at our wedding. “

Karishma and Ishaan
Karishma and Ishaan

Through it all though, there was someone centering her, the strongest pillar of the family, “My mother was definitely the MVP at my wedding. She was there, taking care of my father, listening to all my troubles and working out ways to make everything happen smoothly. She really deserves all the acknowledgment,” says Karishma.

Karishma and Ishaan

The bride concludes by saying “The year of planning my wedding was full of ups and downs certainly a bittersweet journey, but when I look back on some of the moment where I spent time with my family and closest friends, that’s what truly stands out to me.”

Wedding Makers
Venue:The Palace Hall Ballrooms, NSCI
Decor: Samani Decorators
Makeup Artist: Bianca B
Wedding Cards: Ikon
Photography: Rangresa

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