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Eat Right to Glow Bright

Two questions most women ask Dr Aparna Santhanam: ‘Doctor, how can I make my skin glow?’ and ‘Doctor, please tell me what I should eat for good skin.’ From her ten years of practice as a consulting dermatologist and cosmetologist, Dr Aparna Santhanam knows without doubt that what we eat has a lasting impact on the way we look and age. In her book ‘Skin Deep’ she talks about concerns on diet, benefits of various foods on the skin and easy-to-make recipes to help your skin glow.

Here are some tips from Dr Santhanam for WeddingSutra readers!

1. Eat right to glow bright: Everyone wants to look slim on their Big Day, but don’t diet at the cost of your skin. Glow can only come from a healthy diet so eat right to keep up your looks and strength!
2. Since you’ll be bogged down with wedding preparations, resist the temptation to skip exercising/ walking. Regular exercise will keep your circulation flowing, your endorphins up and add to the healthy glow on your skin.
3. Eat 5 walnuts every day (if you’re not allergic to nuts). It is rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids and will add beauty to your skin.
4. Avoid sugar at all costs. Sugar promotes inflammation and coupled with pre wedding nerves, will cause unwanted zits to pop up!
5. Need an instant beauty shot? Drink a cup of green tea with super anti-oxidants to perk up your beauty quotient.

‘Skin Deep’ will on the stands of leading bookstores today. Published by HarperCollins, it will be released by Anjali Tendulkar, the authors close friend and former classmate at Grant Medical College.

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