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Excess food at your Bangalore wedding? Serve it to those in need via these 7 NGOs

A wedding involves a lot of precise details such as the number of functions, guests, venues, and itineraries. However, when it comes to wedding food, it’s challenging to get the amount quite right. While under ordering is always a concern, over-ordering is certainly a reality at most weddings. Sometimes, guests don’t eat as much as expected, especially if they have attended other events on the same day. Also, many prefer to snack small so as to fit into those glamorous wedding ensembles.

Today, many people are very health conscious and prefer to eat right and light. However, the tradition of serving up rich feasts and endless buffets at weddings is still going strong. After all, people do judge a wedding by its food, amongst other criterion.

So what does one do with the excess food? Many couples and their families leave the excess/leftover food clearing up to their caterers. Throwing away food is a waste of resources on many fronts, and it is more sustainable and humane to explore other alternatives. Today, reputed organizations are channeling excess wedding food to those in need by collaborating with caterers and couples. For example, these seven NGOs in Bangalore are doing great work in this regard. Check them out below:

Wedding Food Waste

1. Manav Charities
Established in 1999, the multi-awarded Manav Charities is an organization formed by a group of like-minded people from different walks of life. They’ve been recognized by many organizations for their contributions which include providing nutritious meals and means of education to slum children.

Address: 66,14th Main, Kammagondanhalli, Jalahalli (West), Bangalore-560015
Phone: 080-28386828 / 080-2345108, +91 9342358091
Website: www.manavcharities.org

2. Vidyaranya
Vidyaranya’s mission is to provide children, women, as well as the elderly with holistic engagement and empowerment programs to transform their future and help them lead a healthier life. Its primary focus is on educating and empowering women and children.

Address: Municipal No.34, 3rd Floor Royal Park Apartments, Unit No.15, Park Rd, Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560051
Phone: 080 2286 2622

3. R.B Shivakumar
A resident of Rajajinagar, Shivakumar has been collecting excess vegetarian food from a variety of social and private functions for the past one year. The sight of tons of pulao being thrown into the bins spurred this 36-year-old to collect excess food from the city and donate it to the needy.

Phone: 9844358514

4. Missionaries of Charity
Missionaries of Charity is dedicated to helping orphaned children and making sure that they live a healthy and protected life. Spread all over India, the organization gives every child a chance to have a better future by taking care of their most basic needs like shelter, food, education, and clothing.

Address: Missionaries of Charity, Nirmala Shishu Bhavan, 25 Ashoka Road, St. Thomas Town, Bangalore 560 084
Phone: 080 25474993

5. Shishu Mandir
Founded in 1983 as a children’s home, Shishu Mandir has been quietly working for thirty years now to create a generation of children who are not bound by the unfortunate circumstances they were born into. It offers a comprehensive support system with a free school, vocational training, and higher education.

Address: Opposite Garden City University, Virgonagar, Hella Nagar, Padmeshwari Nagar, Battarahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560049
Phone: 080 3297 0700 / 9379271391
Website: www.shishumandir.org

6. Sumanahalli
‘Love.Light.Life’ is the motto of the Sumanahalli Society, whose aim is to provide dedicated humanitarian services to those who are differently-abled, elderly, and have been afflicted by leprosy. At present, it takes care of about 420 people who have been afflicted with life-threatening diseases, elderly and orphans.

Address: Sumanahalli Society, Viswaneedam Post, Magadi Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560091
Phone: 080 2358 0228
Website: www.sumanahalli.net

7. Robin Hood Army
A volunteer-based organization that concentrates on taking surplus food from restaurants and the community and serving it to those in need, the Robin Hood Army has a clear vision for the future. They hope to create a ‘zero funds,’ self-sustained chapters where people look after their local communities.

Website: www.robinhoodarmy.com

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