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Explore fun, flavors, and fashion on your fabulous Fiji honeymoon!

With 333 islands situated in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean, it is safe to say that you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to natural beauty and tranquility in this part of the world. Sure, we’ve all been to sea-facing resorts and hotels cooled with ocean breezes, but it is hard to find a destination where literally every corner on every island offers breathtaking views.

If you want a honeymoon that lives on in your memory and comes alive on your Instagram feed, Fiji is where it’s at! Fit in with the bright, beautiful and beguiling essence of the destination with the eclectic and boho-chic range of resort wear by designer Anupamaa Dayal. Her label combines the beauty of Indian handicrafts with contemporary silhouettes for modern travelers and is known for its hand printing and needlecraft techniques. Check out four ways to look fashionable and feel comfortable on the fabulous islands of Fiji.

For Picture-Perfect Sunsets
Walking hand in hand with your loved one on a beach while watching the sun go down over the horizon of the ocean is one of those timeless experiences that couples can relive repeatedly over the years. Almost every corner of Fiji promises stunning vistas and dramatic sunsets. Dress for the part as you lounge by the pool of your luxury resort in boho dresses, colorful gowns with strappy halter necks, and sundresses in cool colors. A slinky white number will pair perfectly with a cocktail session on the beach or champagne toasts later in the evening by the pool.


For Rafting and Exploring Tropical Forests
Rafting in the upper Navua River as it slices through Viti Levu’s tropical interiors is a unique and memorable experience. Explore the boulder-strewn white-waters amidst waterfalls and take in the lush greenery via a safari in the rainforests of the Pacific Harbour. A flowy kaftan and soft breezy fabrics tailored into chic ensembles are perfect for the humid weather here. You can try and get a little adventurous with your sartorial style instead of falling back on the tried and tested!


For Hiking On Unexplored Trails
Dial down your adrenalin for a day and opt for a relaxing hike through lush greenery. Walk through quaint villages and charming forests to reach popular spots such as the Kavala Bay Waterfall, or explore the networks of pathways that make up the Vatalutu Trails, where you can halt your three-hour trek for a healthy picnic on a deserted beach. Pose in style when you reach the volcanic peaks of Taveuni where you will stand out in bright hiking gear, or in a chic and vibrant wrap midi dresses.


For Diving and Snorkeling
Explore the wonders of the underwater world by snorkeling and diving into the calm waters of the South Pacific Ocean. Fiji has some fantastic diving spots, and you can swim with manta rays in Kadavu, snorkel at Great Astrolabe Reef, or simply enjoy clicking photos of the stunning coral reefs from your boat. We recommend carrying along stylish sarongs, breezy sundresses, and comfortable swimsuits, especially when you head out to explore or swim in the beautiful blue lagoons of Yasawa.


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