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Falling in Love in Finnish Lapland!

Masoom Minawala and her husband’s romantic getaway is bound to inspire your honeymoon plans!

Steeped in natural beauty and dotted with beautiful coastal towns, Finland, fondly known as the ‘Land of Thousand Lakes’ takes your breath away from the very first moment. And, what’s more, there is no dearth of romance and adventure, with unforgettable experiences that are bound to cement your bond with your partner. With her curiosity piqued about the magical beauty of this North European paradise, influencer Masoom Minawala along with her husband Shailin Mehta made their way to Finland, with their very special itinerary curated by A Travel Duet, where they had the time of their lives lounging in luxury, befriending reindeers, and enjoying romantic moments in the snow! Here’s are the highlights of their trip:

Enjoying the icy Arctic wilderness from the comfort of luxurious hillslope suites
When you’re in the Arctic Circle, one has to enjoy the wilderness in its full glory! However, at the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel’s shingle-clad suites, your creature comforts can easily tag along with you. Located next to SantaPark and offering spectacular views well above the spiked, snow-laden treetops, these luxurious rooms give you the best of romance with their nest-like atmosphere that makes you feel you’re on the top of the world with your partner. Masoom shares, “Staying at these rooms amongst the pine trees was a surreal experience. We both felt isolated from the world, which, in turn, made us cherish each other’s company even more. Every morning we woke up to a blanket of snow and felt like we were on a different planet altogether! One couldn’t help but be in awe of the magical beauty of the landscape that was visible through the huge panes of glass.”


Taking a dip in serenity with the Northern Lights:
If you’re on the hunt for serenity with a smidgen of thrill, Wilderness Lake Floating should be on the top of the list! For Masoom and Shailin, this experience was truly a unique and adrenaline pumping floating experience on a frozen lake. And while taking a dip in a frozen water body may sound uncomfortable, the experience is completely safe and leaves you feeling light. Masoom shares, “Shailin and I, in the middle of a frozen lake! Reminiscing this still gives me the chills! But honestly, what a surreal experience! We floated for around 20 mins and the water suits protected us but just living in this moment was unreal. The floating was conducted in a guided manner and was totally safe with a high-quality rescue suit that encloses your body and keeps you completely dry. Plus we had our own clothing under our suit, so the 0-degree water didn’t affect us at all. I can’t believe I am saying this but I literally didnt want to leave this frozen lake. We were infused by this sense of peace as we marveled at the Northern Lights and the twinkling stars while feeling as light as a feather on the still lake water.”

Finland Hop on a snowmobile and chase the spectacular northern lights in Finnish Lapland.

Befriending reindeers at Santa Claus’ hometown:


Located eight kilometers away from Rovaniemi is Santa Claus Village which is also the crowd puller in Finnish Lapland. And while Masoom and Shailin had a gala time walking around the fairytale-like village and riding sleighs, for them the best part was making new furry friends! Docile, friendly, and always ready for treats, Reindeers became fast friends with Masoom and her husband over a reindeer feeding session. Masoom reminisces, “After the reindeer sleigh ride, we participated in a reindeer feeding session. Reindeers are incredibly majestic yet adorable. Hence, feeding them with Shailin by my side is a memory I’ll cherish forever.”

If a trip to Finland with your better half features on your bucket list, here’s an overview of hotels that Masoom and Shailin stayed at to help you plan your trip:

Northern Lights Ranch, Köngäs:
Pure air gives you an authentic Arctic experience and also the clearest view of the Northern Lights. The ranch is conveniently located 15 km from Levi Ski Resort and 30 km from Kittilä airport.


Hotel Levi Panorama, Levi:
Grants you quick access to ski slopes and a view of the Northern Lights. It is also comfortably located 11.9km (7.4miles) from the center of Kittilä and a mere 15-min drive away from the airport.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, Rovaniemi:
Bearing a close resemblance to a nest in the middle of a forest, this hotel offers a bird’s eye view of the Arctic landscape and boasts of modern Scandinavian design rooms.


Chasing the lights in Finland?
From mid-August until early April the Northern Lights are clearly visible. And, if you wish to experience the joy of pristine white landscape accompanying the Northern Lights, then, the first snow usually falls sometime in October but doesn’t stick around until November. Snow usually covers the ground from December to April. However, the farther north one goes, snow falls earlier and hence stays longer.

Getting to Finland:
Delhi-Helsinki-Delhi flights starting from 7th December 2021 under Air bubble agreement. Passengers travelling from outside of the EU or Schengen area to Finland, kindly click here for travel guidance.

Plan your Finnish lapland journey with A Travel Duet.

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