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Featured Wedding Trend – A Cake to Match your invites

The symbolism of the wedding cake has evolved over the years. It used to signify fertility and the bride’s purity in the old days. Some say the cutting of the tiers, husband and wife’s hands clasped together, show continuity and mutual support in their love. Guests were each given a slice as a token of goodwill. And young women were told to put a piece under their pillows in the hope of dreaming of their future husbands.


Whatever your take on the cake is though, there’s no denying that it is a wonderful part of the ceremony and as a gorgeous photo-op, the cake needs to look incredible. You’ve used imagination and skill to create a design thread for your entire ceremony, wedding stationery and trousseau – wouldn’t it be wonderful if your cake could also be part of that theme?

Say no more! Bunty Mahajan of Deliciae, the wedding-cake experts, have taken it up a tier by teaming up with the Natalie Mankani of Sketch Design Studio.


But what happens when a creative graphic designer meets a creative confectioner? Well, magic! The duo work collaboratively and create bespoke wedding cakes that take their design cues from wedding card invitations.

Suchit Mahajan of Deliciae explains, “We print the actual design (used on the card) the studio gives us on one tier of the cake and then work on incorporating motifs and elements of the print.” The process works both ways, with Bunty Mahajan working on the design along with the studio and piecing the images together painstakingly so that each wedding cake is absolutely unique and can never be imitated. Bunty says, “We take inspiration from Natalie’s card design ideas and then build on those using our expertise in cake design and décor. It is not so much about the baking process but about its design which makes it look exceptional.”


Whether you want photographic floral motifs or sugar craft and other ornamentation, the team is willing to discuss design and build cakes upto five tiers high. This unique service will launch next month, in time for the festive season and they suggest you use your imagination and figure out how you can have a beautiful cake for any special or momentous occasion – not just weddings.


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