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Foreign Wedding Planners Recreate an Indoor Garden for a Reception at Thailand

When your flamboyant, fantastic Indian wedding in Thailand takes eight fabulous functions over four whole days to celebrate – there’s a special significance to the ‘closing ceremonies’, i.e. the reception soiree.

After the emotional rollercoaster of the reverent to the revelry, it’s time to leave your guests with a few lingering memories. Your reception is the party when you actually have the opportunity to meet everyone who came to celebrate with you. Thus giving you the chance to make some of the best memories.

The entire vibe at your reception is a takeaway and so it should truly reflect the aesthetics of you and your partner, your ideals and your preferences. WeddingSutra Favorite – Foreign Wedding Planners are known for their intuitive way of personalizing events to epitomize the personalities of the couple and they curate functions that remain fresh in the memories of both guests and hosts, for a lifetime.

Foreign Wedding Planners

Foreign Wedding Planners
Foreign Wedding Planners

This unique indoor reception at the Rayong Marriott Resort and Spa, is a prime example of their subtle, sophisticated skill.


The poetry of romantic love expressed as a summer garden is universal. The team at Foreign Wedding Planners took this concept and deftly adapted it into an ‘indoor garden’, transforming a regular ballroom into a whimsical, natural world at this Rayong reception.

Creating this ethereal set up, conjured out of fresh foliage, wild flowers and European elements, indoors in the warmth of an Asian city, had its challenges inbuilt. To begin with, the entire ‘outdoors’ had to be recreated indoors. Then, with over 150 guests expected, the planners had to ensure the décor was lush and bountiful but also generously accommodate the space and seating of the guest list.

The team displayed an eye for detail and extreme precision. The entire set up was meticulously constructed from supporting structures to delicate accents featuring leaves, twigs and grass, seamlessly merged with embellishments like chandeliers and drapes. The props and cutlery were chosen to evoke Victorian era picnics. The hummingbird, a quintessential element of every garden, was precisely added at the centre of every table.

Foreign Wedding Planners
Foreign Wedding Planners


The palette was an ebb and flow of complementary colors in subtle tones of rose gold, pink and white, rendered in a profusion of blooms, to suffuse but not overwhelm the eye.

Foreign Wedding Planners
Foreign Wedding Planners


The lighting was of prime importance and needed a fine balance to achieve the given indoor-garden theme. The illumination had to appear as natural as possible, enhancing the subtle palette and playing with the delicate textures of the foliage.

The team used fairy lights and inverted candle chandeliers to create a warm, gentle glow that only added to the fairytale atmosphere. Tiny pops of colorful lights added a playful whimsy and brought in an element of ‘real’ into this surreal rendition of a gorgeous garden.

In order to create a mystical feeling of a starry night, the ballroom was draped with a LED light black fabric. This set-up gave a dreamy atmosphere to the celebration.

Foreign Wedding Planners
Foreign Wedding Planners

Wedding Makers
Venue: Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa, Thailand
Wedding Planner: Foreign Wedding Planners
Wedding Decor & Design: Foreign Wedding Planners
Photographers: Harpreet Pal Singh Garcha and Sukhdeep Singh Chand

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