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Gift yourself a dazzling smile makeover before your big day with toothsi

The wedding season is knocking on our doors, and for brides-to-be, this means a flurry of activities that include planning, decorating, and choosing the perfect outfit. While you may have your eyes set on a stunning lehenga and jewellery to go along with it, what if we told you that you’re already in possession of the best accessory for your wedding day?

Most times, a charming smile is all you need to look your best, but when it comes to your big day when the spotlight is on you, it’s time to step things up with toothsi!


India’s home-grown clear aligners’ brand, toothsi is the first in the country to work from your home, at your convenience. With an easy, pain-free, and empathetic at-home experience, their team of experts consists of orthodontists with 10+ years of experience and world-class technicians ensuring that your smile is in good hands!

Gone are the days when teeth straightening required countless sessions at the clinic and a set of chunky braces that gave you pain. With toothsi’s meticulously personalised, invisible aligners, you can easily go about your wedding prep without hampering your style or becoming conscious every time you flash a smile.

Here’s how:
Step 1: It all starts with a simple click as you book a smile scan or order a home impression kit.
Step 2: As scheduled, a toothsi scan pro arrives at your doorstep to take a quick scan in order to create a set of customized aligners for you.
Step 3: Team toothsi then shares a virtual smile plan the shows you how your teeth will finally look.
Step 4: On approving your plan, just pay and start your journey towards your new smile with help from toothsi pros who’ll guide you at every step of the way.

It all starts with a click as you book a smile scan or order a home impression kit. Next, a toothsi smile scan pro comes to your doorstep following a schedule convenient to you, for a quick scan that’ll aid them in creating a set of aligners that are made just for you. After this, team toothsi will share a virtual smile plan that’ll show how your teeth will finally look. Once you approve the plan, go ahead and pay and start your journey towards your new smile. What’s more, you also get access to toothsi pros who will guide you at every step.

Following the gold standard of quality, these extremely comfortable aligners are created using cutting-edge German technology and 3D printing using BPA-free and bio-compatible material that is not just durable but also safe. Furthermore, being transparent, these aligners effortlessly fit into your chaotic schedule before the big day and can be donned on the go without giving anyone a clue about your ongoing smile makeover journey.

Inspired to give teeth straightening a shot, before you tie the knot? Click here.

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