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With every new Season we change our wardrobe, why not our hair? Rod Anker, Creative Director kimrobinson salon lists ten reasons why and when you deserve change.

SIGN #1 Your hair has no volume. The top is flat, the sides are bulky, and it no longer frames your features.

SIGN #2 Friends tell you that “you haven’t changed a bit!” Start getting inspired by collecting images of cuts you’d consider. Revisit them weekly until you can picture living with one of them. Next, schedule an appointment with a salon like kimrobinson.

SIGN #3 The highlights have built up. When you don’t change your color every few times, the color builds up and your hair becomes a solid color. Time to mix it up! With every new Season we change our
wardrobe, why not our hair.

SIGN #4 You’re not receiving compliments on your hair anymore. It’s time to breathe new life into your hair.

SIGN #5 Your hair and skin tone match. If your tress and skin tones have become too close, you could benefit from a combination of low lights and high lights to give a multi dimensional look to your hair.

SIGN #6 Your clothes have evolved, your hair hasn’t. Altering your clothing style is the perfect excuse to update your hairdo. This way, your new look will work from head to toe — literally. When we feel like making oursleves feel better we often buy a new look but neglect our hair.

SIGN #7 Two words: “Hair Spa” Your hair has lost its shine and you can’t remember the last time anyone said “Wow your hair looks amazing!” Rehydrate, moisturize, add volume and rebalance.

SIGN #8 You pull your hair into a ponytail– all the time. Add layers or a new fringe to give your locks some shape- that way, you’ll be more apt to wear them down. If every day it goes up, then at some
point it needs to go off!

SIGN #9 You spend more than 20 minutes styling your hair. If it takes this long, your cut is clearly not making the most of your texture. Kimrobinson signature dry cut work with the natural movement and
texture of your hair to ensure your cut “Fits” you and your hair with less time spent on pushing hair into a shape that it doesn’t belong.

SIGN #10 You’re set in your ways. A change is as good as a Holiday,you deserve it!

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