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Hand sanitizers and your precious engagement ring. To be or not to be?

With the outbreak of COVID-19, popularly known as Coronavirus, taking precautionary measures for yourself and your loved ones is an absolute necessity. So yes, the need of the hour is ‘social distancing’, frequent use of hand sanitizers and handwash at regular intervals.

engagement ring

In this whole frenzy, if you’re someone who is constantly pumping sanitizer on your hands, have stored one in your room, your car, and even your bag, in lieu of taking all the precautions, then you’re not alone.

However, an unpleasant effect of this cleaning agent is likely to cause damage to your engagement ring.

We cannot agree more on the benefits of using a hand sanitizer at this hour, however, leaving your ring exposed to the product can make the white gold lose its lustre prematurely. And with every increased pump, rub and scrub, the chemicals in the product put the metals and gems at the risk of losing their brilliance or breaking the setting of the ring, by loosening the prongs that hold the gems in place.

Though removing the ring and keeping it away for a while is ideal, there are some who may not want to part with their sign of love! For those who wish to keep their dazzling diamond ring on, fret not. Just following this simple mantra will protect both you and that precious rock.

~ Applying hand sanitizer directly on your ring is a big NO.
~ Remove your ring, put it in your pocket or bag, use a hand sanitizer, let it dry, and then put your ring back.
~ Always check your surroundings before leaving, to avoid misplacing your precious ring.

Remember, what makes your bathroom mirror shiny makes your diamond ring dull.
To keep your ring looking its best, clean it once a week in a DIY solution made with lukewarm water and dishwashing soap. Soak your ring for about 20 to 40 minutes, gently brush the stone with a very soft-bristled toothbrush, and rinse it under warm running water, and Voila! Watch it sparkle back to life.

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